Who we are

Blockcast.cc is a broadcasting news source for the blockchain community. Founded in Singapore. We have a network of partners in China, Hong Kong, South Korea, Singapore and Malaysia.

We have also helped global blockchain and cryptocurrency companies reach their marketing, public relations and advertising goals since 2017.

We build TRUST

It is important to build trust for your project before commencing any ICO, IEO, listing or private placement.

At Blockcast.cc, you will get the maximum public relations exposure on mainstream media to get trust across to your stakeholders. We will provide timely media reporting to accommodate to your activities.

We are your NEWS MAKER

We will create news for your company that will bring you partnerships and business opportunities along the way.

News and PR will be aligned with your business and listing needs.


We will provide you with public relations strategies and accompanied with advertorials placements for your project.

Our strategies work well in the good and bad times.

What we offer


Public Relations

News Making


Media Pitching

Events Creation

Reputation Management

Crisis Management


We value our clients.


Meet our team

The team consists of reporters, data journalism specialists and editors, led by our Editor Joann Park, who heads the South Korea and Taiwan market, while Managing Partner, Melody Chan looks after the USA and Europe market. Lastly, Co-Founder, Jenny Zheng oversees the China, Hong Kong and South East Asia market.

Our staff range from experienced journalists, academics and researchers who have spent years doing investigations to young reporters near the start of their careers. There are 12 journalists in the team covering wide aspects of blockchain technology news around the globe.

International media such as Forbes, Reuters, Bloomberg, AsiaOne, ABC News, CBS News, FOX News, Google News, Sohu, Sina, Baidu, Business Insider have reported on our stories as well.

Jenny Zheng


Melody Chan

Co-founder, Editor-in-chief

Joann Park

Chief Operating Officer

Robert Shen

Chief Technology Officer

Keith Phua

Chief Commercial Officer

Sander de Bruijn



Independent Consultant

Anndy Lian

Angel Investor

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