Anndy Lian Believes Blockchain Tech Drives Innovation and Productivity in Enterprise Businesses

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The World Blockchain Summit (WBS) organized by Trescon has speakers from government officials, blockchain evangelists and business leaders in the region.

The topic about Blockchain for Enterprise is discussed in one of the key panels at the summit. The panel has a good mix of Singapore blockchain experts: Anndy Lian- Member of Gyeongsangbuk-do Blockchain Special Committee, Government of the Republic of Korea and Blockchain Advisor of Asian Productivity Organisation, Elias Tan- Singapore Lead, NEO, Joseph Toh- Founder of SignKeys, Hock Yun Khoon- Partner, Blockchain Fund 1 of Tembusu Partners and Yi Ming- Partner of TRIVE.

Anndy Lian who is an advisor to intergovernmental organisations brought up a few good points during in this panel. He has urged corporations when adopting blockchain to be realistic and resourceful. Companies and people in blockchain must also keep an open mind. He believes why South Korea is successful in blockchain is due to their openness. He has seen this in Seoul, Gyeongsangbuk and Jeju especially where the governors are pushing hard for blockchain.

Anndy continued by saying “Blockchain is not everything. In order to adopt enterprise blockchain solutions, the companies need to access the need for this new technology and how they want to adopt it. Companies need to be realistic and not adopt blockchain blindly. They need to be resourceful and find the right experts to attain their blockchain vision. Blockchain technologies and companies should also work together more, collaborate often and share the knowledge with each other! Blockchain is a perfect enterprise tool for innovation and productivity if we apply the right know-how.”

Elias Tan echoed to the remarks and he said “I agree with Anndy Lian. The blockchain communities should work more together. It is not easy to get companies to understand blockchain. I faced the same issues when I deal with my family members. They do not see the need to implement blockchain. I took a long time and through numerous meeting with the family and board members to let them understand how this technology work. So when there is a chance to implement blockchain for companies, we must show them what blockchain can really do for them. We need to do our best!”

Hock Yun Khoon then went on to share some of the more successful case studies that are impactful for industries such as airlines, supply chain, logistics, medical and finance. He sees that blockchain technology is the way forward and companies should start to study about it and we will see a higher adoption rate in the near future.

Off the stage, has also managed to catch hold of some delegates to ask them about how they feel about the blockchain industry. Singapore delegations such as Manoj Thacker of Sky & Institute of Blockchain Singapore, Jocelyn Yu of Dgroup, Haw Leng of RegTech, Janet Lee of Venture Capital Network were also present and all of them are very positive about the new technology and want to see more truly Singapore driven blockchain initiatives.

“I flew in from Mauritius for the summit and I am glad to see like-minded people, I had good discussions with some of the panelists too. Coming here gives me more confidence and proved that South East Asia such as Singapore is a good place to further develop the blockchain industry.” Sebastien Ng, Founder of Masternode Ventures said.

More than 300 delegates have attended this event at Marina Bay Sands Singapore on 25 July 2019. WBS has provided a platform for regional and international organizations who are interested in the blockchain technologies to interact and exchange ideas. We look forward to the next WBS.

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World Blockchain Summit is South Asia’smost elite gathering of curated investors. Marching ahead as one of the most forward-thinking crypto development zones, this 13th global edition and second leg is in line with ‘Smart Nation’ initiative that represents a large-scale effort by the Singapore government.

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