Anndy Lian: Regulations for blockchain and crypto market will bring positive impact to the market

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Anndy Lian, blockchain advisor for Inter-Governmental agency and book author of “Blockchain Revolution 2030” sees that regulation for the blockchain and crypto market will bring positive impact to the markets.

Anndy is the moderator at the Biki Korea Investment Insights event held on 2 October 2019. He is joined by distinguished panelists: Ethan Ng – CEO, BiKi Southeast Asia, Joony Koo – Founding member, BlockCrafters, Fred Kim – Partner, Rocketfuel, Steve Lee – Head of Asia, BlockTower Capital and KJ Ha – Principal, Blockwater Management. The panel discussed about the latest in crypto investments and what to look out for in 2020.

”I believe that regulators must develop deeper understandings of blockchain technology and its potential impact as they continue to engage in forming the regulatory framework. With sufficient help from the government, it will bring more confidence for people to understand and use blockchain beyond the knowledge of bitcoin. Regulated digital assets exchange will be the way forward and it can create positive impacts to the existing markets” shared Anndy Lian.

Steve Lee from BlockTower Capital also echoed similar views: “ I believe that everyone in the industry now hope to see more regulations created. Regulations will eventually make the industry better. Korea is already working on this and we will see the outcomes in time to come.”

This event coincides with the Korea Blockchain Week 2019 and also part of Biki’s World Tour to promote their business. ”I am happy to see old and new friends at this event. Despite the rainy weather, we still have a full house of audiences. I am grateful to all our supporters in Korea.” Ethan Ng told Reporter, Joann Park at the event.

Biki Exchange is the rising star and one of the most talked about exchange in 2019. They are ranked Top 20 in the world currently and is building a very strong business proposition with their network and global communities. Biki will continue their efforts in Korea and will be back very soon to share more updates with their community.


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