#Blockchain Revolution 2030- Looking forward to a future of blockchain with Park Young Sook, Anndy Lian and Shawn Hamnison

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Park Young Sook, Anndy Lian and Shawn Hamnison are the authors of “Blockchain Revolution 2030”, a book that gives a comprehensive review of the birth, principles, industrial and institutional issues, status and future of the “blockchain” that will become the foundation technology of the 4th industrial revolution.
This book is published by Kyobo Book Centre, the largest bookstore chain in South Korea. Kyobo is also known for their extensive variety of books and especially in the education segment. The book “Blockchain Revolution 2030” has very detailed information about the whole blockchain industry, use case studies, on going research and also future planning for this new technologies.
“We have good contents in the book giving people a good overview of what blockchain is all about and how it is going to affect our future. There are more than 350 pages of contents in this book and would also be a good text book for students who want to pursuit a career in the high tech and blockchain sphere. I am proud to have written the book with Professor Park Young Sook, a futurist and forward looking academia whom I know her at the Yonsei University located in Seoul and one of the best private universities in Korea found in 1885, to share the best practices in the blockchain industry.” Anndy Lian said delightfully.
“Being a futurist myself, I like to be with future and forward thinking personalities, Anndy Lian provides the blockchain industry expertise, while Shawn Hamnison puts in more research work to help complete the book. I am happy to gain support from Kyobo Book Centre and published our book. We have a vision to make a series of books so that will entice more people to get into this new industry and build up the technology to new heights. I hope to influence and bring in more like minded futurist together.” Park Young Sook emphasized her firm vision.
Both Professor Park and Mr Lian have gone a long way. They are both the core member of the Gyeongsangbuk-do Blockchain Special Committee, aimed at cultivating the blockchain industry, building a blockchain research centre, attracting investment in blockchain-related projects, and promoting the development of the blockchain industry in the city of Gyeongsangbuk-do. LINFINITY supply chain blockchain technology is one of anchor. They were also the keynote speaker at the Global Leaders Forum 2018 and Korea Future Forum 2019. On top of this, both of them are also playing a role with organizations within international- Professor Park is the CEO for the UN Future Forum, while Anndy is the Blockchain Adviser for the Asian Productivity Organization (APO), an intergovernmental Organization..
The book written by the forward thinking individuals are made available online and offline at Kyobo Book Centre and major book stores in South Korea. Find out more about the book at http://www.kyobobook.co.kr/product/detailViewKor.laf?ejkGb=KOR&mallGb=KOR&barcode=9791159099656