CNA Money Mind Episode 4 : What are NFTs and why are they trending?


CNA Money Mind  Ep 4 : What are NFTs and why are they trending?

NFTs, or non-fungible tokens are a hot trend in the worlds of tech, finance and art. So why are people paying millions of dollars for these digital assets? Are they an emerging asset class, or the latest bubble in the tech world? And what do investors need to know, if they want to put their money into NFTs?

Money Mind’s Chubby Jayaram Singh speaks to Kelvin Goh, head of wealth advisory at OCBC Bank, and Anndy Lian, blockchain expert and an advisor board member of Hyundai DAC.

Episode 4 covers the following:

– What is NFT?
– How do we value NFT? Why would anyone pay so much for these digital pieces of media?
– How do we going about buying? Can we use cash?
– Do you think NFT be considered as an alternative asset class?
– What does the growth of the NFT market meant for investors in Asia or is this just a cryptocurrency trend?

Quotes from the speakers:

“In terms of the potentials for NFT, I think it is close to limitless.” Kelvin Goh said.

“Blockchain technology is adding an additional layer of security & trust to your artwork.” Anndy Lian shared too.

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