Jenny Zheng, Cofounder of Shared Insights at Digital Assets Investment Conference on “Marketing of digital assets”

Jenny Zheng STObox
Jenny Zheng STObox

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Jenny Zheng, co-founder of spoke at the Digital Assets Investment Conference on 13 November 2020. Her panel touched on the topic of “Marketing of digital assets – how to reach and persuade investors”. This is a timely event where the economic climate is at an all-time low in the traditional markets, but in the digital assets space, it is going against the downwards trend, and Bitcoin has passed the $16,000 mark this month.

Digital assets space is evolving every day. Each year a new trend emerges STO, DeFi, etc. How should you navigate the space and leverage these trends for your advantage? In this panel, the panellists covered the following:

– Who are investors in the STO? What are the common characteristics of these investors? Why are they investing in security tokens? Given the evolution of the space, is the range of potential investors expanding?
– Marketing is one of the most expensive parts of the offering. How can a project optimize marketing costs?
– What are the most efficient marketing channels for finding investors in digital assets? Social media/Google ads? Media publications? SEO? Outbound marketing to investor communities?
– Marketing is more complex for B2B projects than B2C as the latter has an already-existing audience. How should B2B projects market their token offering?
– How should companies frame the fact that they are offering digital assets or tokenized securities instead of common stock in their marketing communication?

Jenny commented, “A project that is not on blockchain is still a good business, we should see the business model behind it, not the technology only. The business model without blockchain is still a good business. Just like Telsa without blockchain, they are still a good company. If a bad project adds blockchain or STO to it, it is still a bad project. I will only consider STO when it is more mature and the regulations are clearer.”

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Jean-Michel Azzopardi, Co-Founder, BlockSpeak, and also the moderator for the panel agreed with Jenny and he added that investors got to stay safe and do proper checks before embarking on investing anything that is relatively new.

The Digital Assets Investment Conference will is made available online from 13 to 14 November 2020. You can find out more about the event at All participants are awarded a voucher of $50 in STBU, which you can claim on the Stobox Crypto Exchange after its release.

You can view the full panel “Marketing of digital assets – how to reach and persuade investors” at this link:


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