Roundtable Discussion: Blockchain Gaming and The Road Ahead

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International Blockchain practitioners came together to discuss about the blockchain industry and how the gaming industry in particular will head in the near future. The discussions captured good conversations and  in conclusion everyone sees a bright future in the blockchain gaming industry. is the organiser for the roundtable and and has done similar events in various parts of the world. “It is my pleasure to host everyone for a lunch and discuss about the future of the blockchain and gaming market. The Asia’s mobile gaming market alone saw a revenue of US$4.15 billion and with the driving force of Blockchain will hit a new high next. The road ahead is bright and lucrative for gaming companies like Gaimin. We have the technology and also know how to market to our intended target audiences. 2020 is a year for Gaimin and also the gaming industry. We really look forward to 2020.” Martin Speight, CEO of explained.

According to an article from, gamers around the world will likely spend around $138 billion on games this year based on Newzoo’s Global Games Market Report. The market research firm tracks usage and trends of video games, mobile and esports. The figure represents a 13.3 percent increase year over year, or an extra $16.2 billion. The video game engagement continues to grow and that could mean big returns for investors interested in the space.

“The first versions of blockchain gaming revolves around either online casinos, card games and digital cats. This has sparked a lot of attention in the market and brought in new players into the industry. A blockchain and AI backed incentive platform with mining capabilities like Gaimin is ideal and will generate more users to explore and adopt blockchain games. Furthermore, the technology and infrastructure developments such as 5G networks will be an add on to aid in the growth of the gaming industry and how users play games in the future.” Anndy Lian, Book Author “Blockchain Revolution 2030” and an inter-governmental Blockchain Advisor shared his views.

In South Korea, Klaytn is committed to triggering the mass adoption of blockchain services as to substantiate the value and utility of blockchain technology. In doing so, Klaytn focuses on enhancing development environment and offering high performance and flexible scalability solutions for BApps with large traffic. The gaming industry is one of the focus. “A number of blockchain-powered game services developed by 3 major game studios that have gained wide popularity on other blockchain platform are joining Klaytn. Klaytn Knights, Marvel Clans and Axie Infinity are the first few. We will be on boarding more games in time to come as we see the huge potential in them using the Klaytn mainnet.” Joseph Hung, Corporate Developement of Klaytn.

Other experts like Jay Kim- Managing Director of Hi Investment & Securities, Steve Kim- USA based eSports and Gaming Expert,  David Kang- CEO of, Sander de Bruijn- Investor Relations for Asia & Europe of and Jenny Zheng- Shareholder of were also present at the event. All of them are convinced that the gaming industry will grow and Gaimin’s business model works well in the near future. will be organizing their first meet up in South Korea during the Korea Blockchain Week 2019 titled “The New Trends” on 1 October 2019 at Huobi Coffee Club. You can visit for more information.


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