2nd Annual Global Power & Energy Blockchain Conference


Electric power grids have changed more over the past few years than in the 20thcentury combined, and technologies that are about to reach the mass market will drive even more drastic changes in the industry. Utility companies who cling to old business models are likely to go out of business, while those that are innovative will rise as the leaders in the industry.

Evidence of the disruptive impact of technology on the power & utilities industry is clear and growing. It was the specific focus of the 2018 Global Power & Energy Blockchain conference in Orlando, FL on November 1st & 2nd. Over the course of the two days, forward thinking utility executives discussed several trends for consideration as they build upon (or acquire) capabilities to future proof their organizations.

Blockchain is on a clear path toward broad adoption and is causing disruption across all major industries, and clearly emerged as a viable technology to manage the volume and complexity of the next generation grid. The consensus of conference attendees was that now is the time for the organizations within power & energy to drive future blockchain initiatives and opportunities.

The changes that new and existing technology will bring will see meaningful benefits for both companies and individuals. Utility CIOs must evaluate these trends to successfully embark on a digital transformation journey while meeting the traditional requirements from both regulators and customers.

Many of the opportunities (and challenges) from emerging technologies such as blockchain, AI, IoT, virtual & augmented reality are yet to be fully defined and explored. Whilst no one can predict the future energy ecosystem, you can at least be prepared for disruption … attend the 2019 Global Power & Energy Blockchain conference and continue the discussion in Scottsdale, AZ on October 2nd – 4th.

Join other proactive energy providers to rethink the fundamentals of energy and explore future opportunities: 2019 Global Power & Energy Blockchain, Scottsdale, AZ on October 2nd – 4th.

Find out more at this website: https://www.powerblockchain-conference.com