300,000 CET airdrop for ATOM traders At #Coinex


Deposit & Withdrawal: 10:00 May 31, 2019 (UTC)
Trading: 0:00 June 1, 2019 (UTC)

Reminder: Please update your APP before making ATOM deposits.


300,000 CET airdrop for ATOM traders

From 0:00 June 1, 2019 to 0:00 June 8, 2019 (UTC), CoinEx ID verified users have a chance to share 300,000 CET based on their ATOM trading volume during the promotion:

No.1 30,000 CET
No.2 25,000 CET
No.3 20,000 CET
No.4 15,000 CET
No.5 10,000 CET
No.6-10 8,000 CET per account
No.11-20 5,000 CET per account
No.21-30 3,000 CET per account
No.31-50 1,500 CET per account
No.51-150 Share 50,000 CET proportionally

1. Qualification: ID verified users with MORE than 50 USD worth of ATOM trading volume are qualified for the promotion.
2. Your ATOM trading volume will include that in all markets and be calculated into USD value against the real-time rate when the promotion ends; CoinEx will allocate these FREE CET to your accounts in 3 working days after the promotion.
3. If you are ranked among 51-150, the coins/tokens you receive are proportional to your total trading volume during the promotion against users’ ranked 51-150 total trading volume.