Anndy Lian Shares his Knowledge at Wealth Secrets ”Blockchain Unified: Law, Governance & Ethics”

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Anndy Lian will speak at Wealth Secrets ”Blockchain Unified: Law, Governance & Ethics” on 20th May 2020. Wealth Secrets is an international platform for investors and have over 10,000 members so far led by Nana Kay from Ghana.

“I met Anndy on Twitter during a tech discussion online and we got on very well. He is very real with his comments and that will help investors understand more about the technology and make informed decisions on what to do next. We appreciate Anndy’s participation.” Nana Kay shares.

Anndy is currently an intergovernmental blockchain advisor and is active in the Asia market. He is also the Asia Chairman for Decent Foundation based in Switzerland. He will share insights on his work with the regulators and also how DECENT, DCORE technology will help to unified businesses and blockchain.

“It is my pleasure to share my knowledge with Wealth Secrets. I have been a futurist and also a realist. I bring practical advice to companies and governments which will help them go a long way. This philosophy works the same way at DECENT as well. The founder of DECENT, Matej Michalko and myself are like-minded, we wish to bring the best solutions to the market.” Anndy Lian explained.

The online event will be on 20th May 2020, organised by Wealth Secrets, promoted by Find out more about Wealth Secrets at You can also get more updates at


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