ATB: Tokenization, Institutionalization & Securitization of Blockchain


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These events are not recorded or streamed so in order to gain these insights, you must be there.

5:45 pm : Registration

6:15 pm Panel Opens

Issues discussed include:

• DeFi – decentralizing finance and its impact

• Overcoming doubt: Challenges facing cryptocurrency exchanges including securing payments

• What are the advantages to tokenization of assets & securitization of blockchain’s distributed ledger

• Impact & risk of cryptofinancial products

• Governance on exchange issues: Formulating & establishing standards

• Assessing the landscape of investment in blockchain – Canada vs. globally

7:15: Networking Reception


Adam Cai, CEO, VirgoCX

Amy ter Haar, Advisory Board Member, Globalive Technology; Board Member, Blockchain Canada

Dawood Khan, CMC, Founder & Board Member, TransformatioWorx

Eden Dhaliwal, Partner, Outlier Ventures

Michael Gord, Co-Founder & CEO, Global Digital Assets; Founder & CEO, MLG Blockchain & Partner, MLG Capital

Facilitator: Stacey Mankoff, Managing Principal, The Mankoff Co. & Founder, After the Bell Events

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