Binance Johannesburg Meetup


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Join our FIRST meetup ever in South Africa – Johannesburg, for a good cause!

About this Event

Binance is pleased to host the first meetup in South Africa, aimed to provide an opportunity of discussion with the local community and institutions. The event will host various speakers that will discuss on interesting topics relating to cryptocurrency.

In this meetup, one of the key themes is the role that Binance can play in promoting social change in South Africa. To this effect, the meetup will have some key online guests, one of which is Ms. Athena Yu, the Executive Director of Binance Charity Foundation (BCF). She will share about the impact that blockchain technology has on social good and charity, and its ability to bring about social change in Africa.

Ms. Athena Yu will also address the need of educating the community and the younger generations about blockchain, and our incubation program at Binance Labs, which objective is to support local blockchain projects and contribute to expand the industry ecosystem.

As, Binance South Africa we will be distributing blankets to street kids, as part of our social initiative.

During the meetup, there will be amazing perks to be WON!!! You may just be LUCKY!!!

This event will be run by our Binance Angels, who will facilitate the discussion, providing information about how the Binance ecosystem works and how Binance Charity is operating to improve transparency in the Charity and Social Good field through the blockchain.

After the event, we will provide catering and a post-event networking session with our speakers for everyone attending.

Seats are limited: Register now.

For further information about our Meetup, visit our Telegram group, where you’ll be able to ask any questions directly to our Angels:

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