Binance Meetup Durban


Join the first Binance Meetup in Durban!

Binance is pleased to host the first meetup in Durban, third in South Africa, aimed to provide an introduction of Binance’s first fiat exchange Binance Uganda and Nigeria (soon to be expanded to Binance Africa), awareness about crypto for social good and financial inclusion in the African continent and an opportunity of discussion with the local community and institutions.

In this meetup, Mr Yele Bademosi – Director, Binance Labs, Africa and Mr. Thabang Senooane – Founder and Director of Mind Supremacy Peak Performance, will talk about the Binance Ecosystem and the benefits of trading crypto in Africa.

Our speakers will also address the African crypto market, the potential of cryptocurrency and its implications on the African financial inclusion. Our Binance Angels will facilitate the discussion and provide information about how the Binance ecosystem works.

You will have chance to win free swag and BNB at the event!

After the event, we will provide catering and a post-event networking session with our speakers for everyone attending.

Seats are limited: Register now. For further information about our Meetup, visit our Telegram group, where you’ll be able to ask any questions directly to our Angels:



– Pictures and/or videos will be taken during the meetup. The photos and/or videos maybe be used as Binance’s promotional materials. By registering to this event and participating in the meetup, you permit Binance to use the photos and/or videos shot therein, and agree that this conduct does not infringe your Portraiture Rights.

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