Blockchain Basics – Introduction to the Technology


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What is blockchain? How does it work? What can it be used for? These are the questions that people ask themselves frequently when they read about blockchain or face this emerging technology in a professional context. Stefan Schmitt will provide a basic introduction, answer these questions, and show potential fields for the blockchain technology.


Stefan Schmitt works as a project manager for the Frankfurt School Blockchain Center and the product owner of the Frankfurt School Blockchain Academy. Furthermore, he drives standardization of the token markets as a project manager at ITSA and is the CMO of the German custody startup Plutoneo. Mr. Schmitt holds a Master in Finance (M.Sc.) from the Frankfurt School of Finance and Management.


2:00 pm – Introduction by Benjamin Schaub, Frankfurt School Blockchain Center

2:15 pm – Presentation by Stefan Schmitt

2:45 pm – Q&A session

3:00 pm – End of the event

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Mode: online talk via Zoom; Zoom dial-in URL will be sent previous to the online talk


Frankfurt School Blockchain Center


Phone: +49 69 154 008-790


About the Frankfurt School Blockchain Center

The Frankfurt School Blockchain Center (FSBC) is a think tank and research center primarily focusing on the implications of blockchain technology for companies and businesses. In addition to the development of blockchain prototypes, the center offers a platform for the exchange of knowledge and thought for decision-makers and startups as well as technology and industry experts. The FSBC sets new research impulses and develops education programs for students and executives. The center concentrates primarily on the areas of banking, energy, mobility, and the manufacturing industry.

About Blockchers

BLOCKCHERS fosters the matchmaking among traditional SMEs and DLT startups. At least 60 SMEs will benefit thanks to this scheme. The best group (up to 30 startups) will be selected through a couple of competitive open calls and work on blockchain/DLT use cases with traditional SMEs. Selected BLOCKCHERS will go from idea to implementation through a two-phase funding scheme and will be provided with supporting services. Other results expected are the creation of dialogue around DLTs and facilitating a new regulatory framework for the EU.

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