Blockchain for Social Impact

Blockchain for Social Impact

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These leading executives who help shape the narrative will discuss their vision for the mission and mandate of how blockchain can help with social impact.

The featured presenters are:

Chantal Line Carpentier (Chief of the New York Office of the Secretary General – United Nations Trade and Development)

Dr. Jane Thomason (Molinari Media)

Anne Connelly (Singularity University)

Dr. Sean Manion (Consensys Health)

Lucia Gallardo (Emerge)

Joseph Pallant (Ecotrust Canada)


Chantal Line Carpentier – Reimagining the Entrepreneurial Mindset to Achieve the United Nations SDGs: The Road Ahead

Dr. Jane Thomason Blockchain and COVID-19

Lucia Gallardo Last mile challenges to mass adoption

Dr. Sean Manion Blockchain for medical research

Anne Connelly How Storytelling will build blockchain

Joseph Pallant Using the Paris Agreement to connect National Carbon Inventories of the World Using Blockchain

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