COMIT Hackathon – Atomic Swaps for your Application


Join TenX’ Sydney based research team CoBloX for 48 hours of hacking and fun –

About this Event

We are proud to announce the first COMIT hackathon and the first hackathon in the new TenX office 🎉

Remember COMIT, the open protocol facilitating the trustless exchange for digital assets?

Yes – You’ll be pleased to hear that we invested a lot of time into making atomic swaps possible; time to come up with crazy atomic-swap solutions!

No – Here is your chance to learn about atomic swaps and building prototype applications to integrate them!

COMIT is reaching mainnet readiness and we want YOU!

Join us for two and a half days of hacking, prototyping and fun!



4:00pm – 7:00pm – COMIT workshop (open to public)


9:00am – Topic presentations

10:00am onwards: Hacking


5:00pm – Final presentations & demos

6:00pm – Prizes! 🏆

The ticket price of 15 SGD will be fully refunded at the Hackathon registration at the venue.

Find out more at this link.