CZZ & Uniswap liquidity mining proposal (Deflationary Policy)

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When token price drops, no new tokens will be mined, the czz deflation policy is as follows:

Mining confirmation time: 00:00 everyday (pool data within 48 hours);

There will be no dividends when the price drops on that day;

All newly purchased quantities within 48 hours of the statistical time will be burned.

For example, 0 o’clock on the 26th, assuming that the average price of the 25th is lower than the average price of the 24th, there will be no dividends on the 26th. If all the new purchases from the 24th to the 25th are 10,000 CZZs,  same quantity(10,000 CZZs) be burned on 26th;

The above policies will be announced for two days.