Energy Talks – Blockchain enabled energy trading in communities

Energy Talks – Blockchain enabled energy trading in communities

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An evening of six short talks and panel Q&A from experts on the legal, financial and infrastructural implications of decentralised energy trading using block chain technology.

Preliminary programme:

5.30 – 6.00 Arrival, drinks, networking

6.00 – 6.20 – Opening address and keynote speechUKAEE, Rajvant Nijjhar, President. ”Vision of our future: Futureproofing decentralisation, decarbonisation and digitalisation.” Where are we headed and how are we going to get there. Ensuring blockchain does actually remove waste and add value.

620 – 6.35: Brixton Solar Community Trading Repowering London, Felix Wight, Technical Director. ”Community peer to peer energy trading”. Pilot project involving OFGEM, EDF Energy R&D UK, Brixton Solar, Electron, PassivSystems, University College London and Repowering London. The platform aims to allow residents in urban areas to source their energy from local renewables and trade that energy with their neighbours reducing overall energy costs.

6.35 – 6.50: Revenue stacking in a changing landscape CMS Cameron Mckenna, Aditi Tupule, Associate. How to revenue stack whilst predicting the next moves of the National Grid. How might the regulatory environment change and where can revenue be generated in an energy trading platform: the balancing, reserves and capacity markets explained. What will happen to the Big 6 energy suppliers.

6.50 – 7.05: Domestic Energy Storage – Moixa, Chris Wright, Co-founder.Aggregating domestic energy storage” – using resources such as battery storage, EV charge points and heat storage to enable new peer-to-peer energy models.

7.05 – 7.20: Gateshead scheme – Centrica (British Gas), Francesco Pagano, Project Design Lead, Distributed Energy and Power – How battery storage systems can support grid stability & security and help making a better use of energy generation from renewables: technical insight into one of the UK’s largest battery plant – 3MW in Gateshead – and description of the technology for applications of long-duration battery storage systems coupled with Solar PV.

7.20 – 7.35 Blockchain enabled trading – Verve, Lionel Ward, Machine Learning Developer. The rise of the energy prosumer: Using advanced AI and Machine Learning predictions about energy consumption to optimise peer-to-peer energy trading. How we can bring down electricity costs, improve access to low carbon energy and use a peer-to-peer infrastructure to benefit fuel poor areas. .

7.35 – 7.50: Blockchain enabling platforms – Fintricity, Alpesh Doshi, Blockchain and Digital Transformation Expert. How will transactions occur securely in this decentralised future? What needs to be done in the UK & what is being done. Enabling technology, pre-competitive, open source platforms and smart contracts. Where will the winners and losers of this technology be.

7.50 – 8.15 Panel Discussion & audience Q&A – all speakers plus David Shipworth of UCL Energy Institute, chaired by Rajvant Nijjhar.

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