AMA Session with Chief Product Officer, Calvin Adamus


 945 total views Chief Product Officer, Calvin Adamus conducted his first “Ask Me Anything (AMA)” session on 15th November 2019 and has shown all the supporters a sneak preview of’s Gamer Solution Platform.

The AMA session was conducted right before the second IEO on 18 November 2019 to inform their supporters about the key areas of progress within the platform. The second IEO is made run at, a Chinese based cryptocurrency exchange backed by blockchain technology. Nazadax has expanded its reach to multiple countries across the globe, by offering benchmark services and smooth trading experiences. Aligned with Nazadax’s strategy to go global and offering their users quality projects outside of Asia, Nazadax brought in as their pioneer IEO project.

Users are encouraged to register themselves at the exchange as soon as possible at For more information about Nazadax and their IEO platform, go to You can find out more about at

About Gaimin:

The Gaimin platform is a powerful yet elegant AI-driven software that aggregates a gamer’s processing power, when not being used and therefore without affecting their gaming performance, to the Gaimin monetization network. In exchange for this the gamer receives purchasing power via the GMRX crypto token, which can be spent directly on gaming purchases. Gamers can now passively monetize their powerful PC resources without the need for any specialized knowledge or action.

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