Gaimin unveiled at Utrecht, Netherlands

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Gaimin proudly unveiled our game-changing crypto mining platform at the CryptoAcademy ICO Seminar on April 14, 2018, in Utrecht, Netherlands. Gaimin is an application designed for gamers to help them monetize their gaming PCs, which are inherently perfect for cryptocurrency mining, to make passive cryptocurrency income.

It was an exciting day for the Gaimin team. The culmination of all of our hard work came down to this one moment, where we got to introduce a revolutionary cryptocurrency mining platform to the masses. We are happy to announce that the unveiling went well!

We were fortunate enough to meet with Jørgen Welsink, the co-founder and ICO Advisor of Cryptocurrency Academy, one of the hosts for the event, where he and our CEO Martin Speight spoke about our revolutionary product.

“We are building an application for gamers so that they can passively mine cryptos and accumulate top crypto coins without it ever affecting their gaming performance,” Speight explained. “We’re building an application that links the gaming community and their mining capacity with blockchains.”

The two went over the ins and outs of Gaimin software, touching on the additional hash power that users get for inviting friends, the safety and security offered by the app, and how Gaimin provides a unique gamification experience.

“We’re not trying to make somebody hit targets, what we are introducing is gamification,” Speight spoke on the attractiveness of Gaimin. Gamification is the process of adding game-design elements and principles to non-game entities. The goal of adding this to Gaimin to create a more engaged community with a heightened comprehension of cryptocurrency and blockchain mining.

The event was a huge success! The Gaimin team unveiled our product and attracted private investors to help bring Gaimin to the gaming public. Development is ongoing, and with every quarter we get closer to bringing our product to gamers everywhere.

Thank you to the Cryptocurrency Academy for having us at the CryptoAcademy ICO Seminar. We hope to see you again soon.