Global Digital Impact Night – New York Blockchain Week 2019

Loading, Block72, and STP invite you to Global Digital Impact Night @ Times Square Lounge in Sky, Block72和STP邀您共赴时代广场天空酒廊

During the New York Blockchain Week 2019, we are proud to present the world’s first Global Digital Impact Night on May 13, at the Times Square Lounge within Sky Room.


By then,, Block72 ,STP and UltrAlpha, along with industry top institutions, influential investors and star projects from the globe will get together and celebrate the latest development in the blockchain & digital asset space.

届时,, Block72 , STP和 UltrAlpha将联合全球30家顶级机构和50位传奇投资人共赴此约。

Time to join the loop.



CRED 【A financial platform made for you】

BHD 【A new type of cryptocurrency based on Proof of Capacity】

Shyft【A global decentralized network】

Ampleforth 【A digital-asset-protocol for smart commodity-money】

S Block 【 Global Leading One-stop Platform for Crypto Asset Management 】

Alephium 【 Building the first scalable blockchain platform 】

Ankr 【leverage idle computing resources in data centers】

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Bytom 【Create diverse assets and a programmable economy】

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Please RSVP with your government issued ID name for check-in. 请注意,活动注册姓名必须与身份证件上的姓名一致

All cryptocurrency payment will have 12% off the original price through the following link or the QR code: 使用以下链接或二维码采用数字货币支付将享受88折优惠

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