How to use Uniswap to win SNS?

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In the past week, many communities are discussing a DeFi coin called SNS that has just been launched on Uniswap. This token gained attention in the cryptocurrency world. SNS is often seen as a dark horse amidst the strong Defi market, has performed well when it was initially launched. Its ranking reached top 50 of Defi within 2 days, and its liquidity pool has reached 117 million too.

Even Vietnamese and Korean investors are also enthusiastically chasing for it.

The following is a simple guide on how to win some SNS:

Next, I will show you how to use Uniswap conveniently through Imtoken wallet.

  1. Open Imtoken wallet, click [Browser] and select Uniswap or search for Uniswap keywords to find

2. Uniswap is divided into two functions, namely [Exchange] [Capital Pool]. Here you can choose ETH or other tokens to exchange (multiple tokens are supported). select the target currency that needs to be exchanged. Here, select SNS, through the contract address:0x8E3c8E2DE3CCed6250B4eC129a82af4D2d3cbC5f

  1. Click 【Swap】
  2. [Capital Pool] function, you can click here [Add Liquidity] to select such as SNS/ETH to set up, and deposit in the Capital pool to increase the liquidity of the tokens (you can get fee income).

In a word, Uniswap makes asset trading more efficient. However, Uniswap is still in its infancy, and what is most anticipated is future development. You can give it a try!