Join us at Huobi Coffee Club today “The Next Trends”

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“The Next Trends” has overwhelming response from the international and Korean community.

This event also serves as Gaimin’s first official meet up in Korea. They have gathered a good based of supporters after completing their IEO at Gaimin’s team has been very active in the Korea Blockchain Week 2019, meeting people from all over the world and also bringing them to the meet up.

“The Next Trends” is one of the fringe events happening on the 1 October 2019 at the Huobi Coffee Club, B1. Organised by, a blockchain based gaming platform company in the United Kingdom and supported by, a community driven media company based in Asia.

Leading thinkers from Europe, USA and Asia together to discuss about upcoming trends ahead for the blockchain and technology industry.

Updated Program:

Synopsis: 2030 is still far away but technologies are developing at such fast speed that next year’s trends need to be identified as quickly as possible. This is especially so when it comes to Blockchain where it’s full possibilities are not yet fully disclosed. “The Next Trends” will discuss and feature some of the upcoming trends globally.

6.30pm:  Networking & Registration

7.00pm: Welcome Speech by Sander de Bruijn, Investor Relations, Gaimin (Netherlands)

7.05pm: “Why Gaming is the Catalyst to Mass Blockchain Adoption” 


– Martin Speight, CEO,

Forget about finance, gaming can also be the key catalyst for blockchain adoption. Gaming brings forward a mass community of untapped potential for the blockchain industry to kick start mass adoption.

– Why gamers are most likely to be the first major adopters of Blockchain?
– How Asia is set to lead the way in the new gaming market?
– What do you look out for in the gaming industry?

7.35 pm: Identifying the Value in Digitalization and Blockchain


– Aiden Lee, CEO, TVCC (South Korea)
– Tom Peng, Founder, Doge China (China)
– Martin Speight, CEO, (Spain)
– Leo Kim, Vice President, OKEx (Hong Kong)


– Jenny Zheng, Co-Founder, (China)

Digitalization is transforming the way industry functions and unleashing global opportunities for value creation. With the injection of Blockchain technology, it helps to address and solve more issues and creates a difference value proposition.

– What is the true value in digitalization?
– What is the strategic business value?
– Why is blockchain in trend?
– How do you see different technologies working together to form a new value chain?

8.10pm: Blockchain Moving Beyond the Hype and Facing Reality


– Yuanjie Zhang, Co-Founder, Conflux (China)
– Jackson Ra, Head of Advisory, China Partners Inc. (South Korea)
– Jaden Chan, Director, Huobi Global (Hong Kong)


Anndy Lian, Inter-governmental Blockchain Advisor (Singapore)

According to Gartner report, blockchain will be “transformational” across a variety of industries in the next 5 to 10 years. Many people in the industry says that we are still in the speculative stage and we will have to face reality soon.

– Has blockchain solve the scalability issues?: When, Where, How?
– Do investors still look at investing their money into blockchain companies? And what are the steps you take to make sure that the investors are in place?
-What is your opinion on POW, POS or other consensus protocols?
– Is there a future for Blockchain or is it just Bitcoin?

8.45pm: Lucky Draw by Andrew Faridani, President, Breeze Max Web (Canada)

9.00pm: Networking