LIVE Bitcoin Halving Party with SPECIAL GUESTS

LIVE Bitcoin Halving Party with SPECIAL GUESTS

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Live Stream

Be part of the biggest bitcoin event of the decade, streamed live from the ByteTree terminal with an amazing line up of special guests!

We are taking crypto-video streaming to the next level. Bringing you a series of LIVE CUSTOM WIDGETS to track blocks as they land on the chain in real time.

We will be discussing the technical and economic implications of this historic moment , reflecting on the past 4 years with an array of bespoke analytics and looking towards the future of this transformational crypto-asset.

We are running this event for you, the crypto community!

We will be taking questions throughout the stream and dynamically interacting with our live audience to bring you a halving experience that you will never forget!

Topics for discussion include:

  • How will the halving affect the price of bitcoin?
  • The path forward: can Bitcoin fulfil its potential?
  • The evolution of Bitcoin; What really is it?
  • Incentives in a post-halving world: Revenues Vs. Fees.
  • “Bitcoin’s Greatest Hits” – Key achievements of the last decade?
  • How does this halving compare to those before it?
  • Does half the supply mean double the price?

Our Special Guests!

What better way to experience the bitcoin halving than alongside some of the most influential leaders in crypto. Check out our current line up and let us know who else you would like to join us.

Line up includes:

Danny Masters, Chairman, CoinShares Group

Mona El Isa, CEO and Founder, AvanteGarde Finance

Jon Matonis, Chief Economist, Cypherpunk Holdings

Laurent Kssis, Managing Director, 21 Shares

Paul Gordon, Founder, Coinscrum

James Bowater, Founder, CityAM CryptoInsider

Torbjørn Bull Jenssen, CEO, Arcane

Max Engelen, Heads of Sales, Crypto Compare

Dominic Frisby, Author

Charlie Morris, Chairman, ByteTree

James Bennett, CEO, ByteTree

Follow us on twitter @ByteTree to stay up to date with the latest agenda, developments and timings.

Get tickets for this event on: EventBrite.


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