Rebuild Conference 2019, 23 to 24 April, Canada


The 2019 Rebuild Conference is an event with presenters on both sides of one of the most important issues of our time – technology and its effects on society.

You’ll hear from thought leaders, technologists, investors, journalist, authors and academia on a variety of topics centered around the internet, the problems it creates, and new advances in blockchain infrastructure aimed at solving them.

Among many other themes, we will discuss social media, financial systems, journalism, data ownership, privacy, design and data ethics as well as how these forces are evolving in part thanks to distributed systems, programmatic trust and crypto currency.

Main Hall

The mainstage will host talks and panels for two days from leading thinkers and technologists. This is a perfect place to learn from industry veterans, social critics and contrarians on the biggest issues facing humanity in the 21st century. These talks are interwoven with technologists currently building web3 plumbing aimed at solving these global issues.

Hacker Room

A second stage and workshop is focused on deeper dives into the technology. This is a great room for developers and curious builders looking to get into the weeds.