Remove distrust & reach everyday users with Blockchain-based solution


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Hello Vancouver!

Mark your calendar for episode 12 of our TF Blockchain Vancouver chapter, evening event on February 11, 2019.

Topic: How to remove distrust and reach everyday users with Blockchain-based solution

Speaker: Laura Fortey, CMO + Co-Founder | REITIUM Technologies Ltd.

There was a time, just 18 months ago, when just mentioning blockchain in your startup pitch or using the word in your company name, opened easy paths to funding. Due to many issues that arose in the space from bad actors, there is now a different mentality around blockchain.

The main issue is that people do not know the difference between blockchain and cryptocurrency. As a result of this confusion, REITIUM faced many hurdles using the word blockchain in their company name.

Join us for this talk as we unpack the myths about the synonymous-ness of crypto and blockchain, explore solutions on how to educate future clients and continue to use this incredible technology that truly helps us solve the real problems at hand.

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