Singapore Fintech Festival – LongHash Lab Crawl


As part of the Singapore FinTech Festival Innovation Lab Crawl 2019 and the Blockshow Festival of Decentralised Technology, LongHash will be showcasing a few projects from ZilHive and LongHash Hatch batches 1 & 2.

ZilHive is a 12 week incubation program powered by LongHash in partnership with Zilliqa.

About LongHash – LongHash is the first global blockchain incubator supported by the Singapore government, with additional network offices across China, Japan, Hong Kong, Germany, and Switzerland. Here is a media mention of LongHash on The Straits Times.

About Zilliqa – Zilliqa is a scalable, secure public blockchain platform

It’s the first public blockchain platform that implemented sharding and achieved a throughput of 2828 transactions per second in its test net. This enables new use cases that have high-throughput demands that were not previously possible on legacy public blockchain platforms.

Join us this 15 Nov from 5-6.30pm to learn more about blockchain technology and meet companies at the forefront of the industry. Register now to attend!

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