Social science + deeptech, what the heck?


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The deeptech that everyone talks about, is mostly looking at innovations born from scientific research in areas such as biology, chemistry, materials, robotics, electronics or photonics. In short, the kind of technology that results from the sciences called ‘hard sciences’: mathematics, natural science or data processing.

But what about human sciences then? To apply them for the purpose of ethical analysis of algorithms there are many people, but there is too little concern, and too little consideration on whether the data from these sciences might enable impact innovation.

It is however easy enough, to collect geographical data, or to imagine how land and community development can help the fight against climate change, how socio-demographic data, and ethno-geographic data is indispensable to taking on the challenges that come with an aging population, how the use of artificial intelligence on cognitive data et language can help developing solutions for learning disabilities.

Can there not be products and services that are technology intensive (Blockchain, AI, …) and are based on scientific research resulting from the laboratories of human and social sciences? Can deeptech steer public policies? And if the environment or health, are critical issues, can we imagine deeptech with social impact?

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