The inaugural LINFINITY Talk in South Korea aims to engage community



The inaugural LINFINITY Talk series was held in South Korea, Seoul on 9th June 2018. They have invited other projects such as SoPay and CodePress. This is part of LINFINITY global roadshow to engage with their community. They will continue its global tour in Japan and Singapore. ‬

We have the chance to speak to their CEO, Mr Anndy Lian for a quick interview.

“We will continue to come to South Korea to let more people know about LINFINITY blockchain project. This will be one of our core base.”

Anndy Lian, linfinity ceo

LINFINITY is registered in Singapore, founded in 2017. They are the world’s first distributed supply chain platform based on blockchain, Internet of Things and Big Data technology, that is commercialising FMCG products. It aims to transform the supply chain industry by building a trusted and traceable anti-counterfeiting supply chain through blockchain technology.