Token Economics: Attack of the Stablecoins


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2018 was the year of the stablecoin. A stablecoin that consistently holds parity with some stable asset, like the US Dollar, is a holy grail. The price of Tether, the market dominating stablecoin with a $2B market cap, dipped below $0.95 on exchanges on Oct 15. Which stablecoins can survive these attacks, and what are the incentives for projects, investors, and speculators? In this event, we will discuss:

1) How does a stablecoin project defend its peg? Nevin Freeman, Founder at Reserve, will present his perspectives. For more info, check out:

2) What are the economics for investors to invest in stablecoin projects and provide capital to defend the peg? Ivan Bogatyy, Partner at Metastable Capital, will share his thoughts as an investor. For more info, check out:

3) Why and how do speculators attack stablecoins? How do projects defend against this? Henry He, Founder at SesameOpen, will host the panel discussion with Nevin and Ivan. To learn more, check out:

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