Will blockchain disrupt IP legal services ?

Will blockchain disrupt  IP legal services ?

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Success of companies often depends upon the ability to manage and exploit intellectual property (IP). The introduction of new blockchain-enabled tools to represent unique assets and to manage the development and payments for IP, will drive innovation across the value chain. By building blockchains that allow users to store and transact IP, business leaders will leverage these platforms to enhance and protect their most valuable resources. Content producers, owners of IP, distribution partners and end consumers all stand to benefit.

Will Blockchain solve the problem of managing and monitoring IP and copyrights at the point that we will no more need managers and lawyers to effectively acquire, govern and commercialize copyright-and patent-protected content?

We will be discussing the topic with stakeholders from the IP world and from the blockchain space hands on experience in field


  • 6:00 Drinks and networking
  • 6:30 Welcome
  • 6:45 Keynote
  • 7:05 Talks
  • 7:50 Panel discussion “Will blockchain disrupt IP legal services ? moderated by Philippe Nadouce
  • 8:50 Drinks & nibbles – Networking

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The event is supported by TIIQU and hosted by Chair Fintech at Dauphine London Campus ( Angel )

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