Workshop// Digital Identity models for a blockchain powered web


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Are you a blockchain enthusiast or at least are curious enough about how blockchain is revolutionising businesses today?

You really cannot afford to miss this workshop that we have lined up! As we head into an internet economy, how do we design a workable identity model for a blockchain powered world wide web?

Join Ian Grigg at Nairobi Garage, Pinetree Plaza on 21st February at 6pm as he explores and discusses Identity on theBlockchain – Identity as An Edge Protocol. Ian believes that the Chama groups of Kenya and savings groups communities in Africa and Latin America hold the key to designing identity systems for a blockchain powered internet economy.

Topics to be discussed

● What is digital identity?

● Why identity matters

● What is wrong with the digital identity model today?

● Why there is a buzz around Blockchain and identity

● Framework for online identity systems: Identity as an edge Protocol

● How to build identity for a blockchain economy

Ian Grigg is an architect and financial cryptographer who has been building cryptographic ledger platforms for over 20 years. He is recognised for co-inventing the Triple Entry Accounting ledger, a concept that sparked the explosion of a $500 billion Bitcoin.

RSVP your attendance and see you on Wednesday 21st February at Nairobi Garage, Pinetree plaza.

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