1-1 Interview with Jaymes Cloninger, Founder of Motivf

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Blockcast.cc: Good morning everyone. My name is a Jenny Zheng. I am the cofounder of Blockcast.cc. We have been meeting many veterans in the technology and blockchain industry for the past few months. We have Jaymes Cloninger today for our interview session. Hi Jaymes, can you give an introduction about yourself?

Jaymes: My Name is Jaymes Cloninger, Managing Director/Founder of Motivf with a demonstrated history of creatively working in the information technology, multimedia, location intelligence, and services industries. Innovative professional skilled in Management Consulting, Design Thinking, Digital Media, Management, Technical Writing, Process Management, and GIS.

Blockcast.cc: can you give us tell us more about your blockchain project?

Jaymes: Sure thing. Our blockchain project is still in its infancy. The intent is to use a distributed ledger to maintain geographic feature sets (data layers) in a “geodatabase” so that a centralized authority can maintain an authoritative data source. This client is a Government entity with very high concern with data privacy, quality, and persistence.

Blockcast.cc: What is your view on the blockchain and crypto market?

Jaymes: They are in the trough of disillusionment. I just re-read some articles from 2000 and 2001 about the hype of the Internet and the end of the webizen culture. I think you could replace “Internet” with “blockchain” and the article could easily fit into the regular media right now.

Blockcast.cc: Please share an inspiring quote for the readers.

Jaymes: “Blues is easy to play, but hard to feel.” Jimi Hendrix

Blockcast.cc: Thanks Jaymes. It is wonderful to hear from you and all the best to your new project.