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OKEx Trading 101: Coco, Global Marketing Manager, OKEx Shares Insights with Blockcast Community

Blockcast.cc: Hi everyone, today we have Coco joining us in this OKEx Trading 101 session, Coco is the Overseas Marketing Manager of OKEx. I...

Blockcast.cc’s Exclusive Interview with Ethan Ng, CEO of BiKi Southeast Asia

Blockcast.cc: Hi Ethan, Please introduce yourself Eg your background, experience. Ethan: Hi thank you for having me. I am Ethan Ng, the CEO of BiKi.com...
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Blockcast’s Interview with CNC Blockchain Advisory John P Riley III

Blockcast: Hi today we have John P Riley III on our interview. First of all, can you do a brief introduction of yourself? Your...
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Kai WEN(文凯), Vice President of Bluehelix Technology:市场寒冬正是“整顿洗牌”的好时机

Blockcast.cc:今天十分荣幸邀请到BHEX的团队来到Blockcast.cc, 我们将对BHEX团队进行系列专访,请大家持续关注!文凯, 欢迎来到Blockcast.cc, 请您简单介绍一下您自己。 Blockcast.cc:Hi, Kai, welcome to Blockcast.cc! Great to have you and your team here! First of all, can you introduce yourself? Kai: 嗨,大家好,我是文凯,美国斯坦福大学电子工程系博士。2012—2015年在美国Google任职,负责YouTube移动端广告的工程和优化,经历了移动广告的爆发。2015年回国从事可穿戴设备和人工智能创业,产品服务于世界五百强企业以及各级政府公共机构。2018年与Google的同事探索和创办了人工智能和区块链结合的项目,负责技术架构和区块链共识机制。 Kai: Hi,...
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Blockcast.cc interviews Gaimin CMO, Andrew Faridani: “We didn’t find gamers for our platform; we...

Blockcast.cc: Welcome everyone! Gaimin.io has stepped up their game and are gearing towards their first IEO.  Starting with the Founders! Today, at the helm...
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