Asia Blockchain Community Interviews Catboy Token “Collect Catboys and Earn”


1) Thanks for dropping by ABC. Can you tell us about yourself and your main team members?

About me: My Name is Aurel, I am a student in sience in business and administration and I am in Krypto since 2020. I started doing side hustles next to my uni and got interested into defi and also start to understand how defi works and what is going on behind de scenes in a project. In the past year I could learn more about leading a project, organizing and leading it, how to attract investors, but keeping it professional and with quality.

Bene: Bene is also on Aurel side since day one. Together they explored especially the world of bsc and started projects together. Bene is responsible for the creation and execution of utilities like the dapps, the smart contracts and the website and graphics. Important is that the presence in this space is clean and safe.

Hallow: Hallow is responsible for the social media presence of catboy. He handles all social media in the English, German and Turkish space. He organises giveaways and leads the community to build it and make it stronger.

xixi: Is responsible for the chinese market. He is our bridge to the chinese world. He knows the bsc and eth space as good as his living room. He knows how to attract and convert the western desires and display them to the chinese world

2) What is Catboy token? What is your mission?

CatBoy is a community driven project on the binance smart chain. Based on the anime character of CatBoy who has a love affair with CatGirl, three following NFT editions are available on Catboy in the first season.

-Saykun Edition (Mint on February 25th, One NFT gives a whitelist access for then token presale)

-Founder Edition (Are available in the mystery boxes)


Saykun and Founder Edition are stakeable and you can earn CatBoy tokens passively.

Our Mission is to become a brand. A brand like dogecoin or shiba Inu. Something people recognize instantly and realise what it is. A character people start to admire and love, like Naruto, Ash from Pokemon, Pikachu. And people will be aware that Catboy is next to a nice anime character also a possibility to generate money and profit on dealing with nft cards. In the past people were buying cards like pokemon because they loved it, now its the same but with nfts. Means you never gonna lose it, the cards never will get destroyed and its never gonna be possible to fake them.

3) Can you tell us more about your tokenomics?

There will be an 11% transaction fee on each
buy and sell of 11% that will be distributed as

Marketing: 6%
Liquidity Pool: 2%
Development/Staking Pool: 1%
Team: 2%

4) Share with us what can your NFT do? What exclusive access do you offer?

So we have different kinds of nft. let me introduce you some.

The saykun edition you can mint before the token release on the 25th of march. Starting 13utc. With this nft you will get exclusive access to the whitelist which is gonna be really rare.

Everyone who owns one or more profile pictures NFTs will get exclusive access to the Catboy Merchandise where they will get free t-shirts, necklaces and accessories sent to their home.

Also, the NFT profile picture owners have the opportunity to participate in special contests on Twitter and Telegram where the chances of winning are higher because the number of participants is limited to the profile pictures.

Also, the NFT profile picture owners will get the possibility to stake their profile pictures on our D app to claim Catboy tokens as rewards.

On the NFT Marketplace, there will also be the possibility to trade the NFT profile pictures.

Next to this we gonna have some visions about future dapp developements. Means Platforms where people can make deals. And everytime a deal happens people with the saykun edition will earn royalties from the fees.


The Founderedition are the special ones. They can be bought on our own dapp on mystery boxes with the catboy token. this allows us a lot of things. for example we can upgrade the staking pool with the tokens, but we could actually also arrange burn events.

(limited to 100)

The founder edition cards have special rarities and can be staked on our staking platfrom. Every character has its own name and a bio which makes it more rare and special. Next to this too. (limited to 10000)

chibis: These algorithmically-generated NFTs are all hand-drawn, with a variety of traits.
Using the smart contract capabilities on Binance Smart Chain, each layer is assembled to create up to 5000 unique NFTs that is one of a kind. Holders are encouraged to make their own backstory for these adorable NFT’s as these adorable helpers to the Catboys, making
the investor’s collection is complete and unique.

5) What is Catboy Founder Edition?

The beginning of Catboy starts with the Catboy Founder’s Edition Trading Cards. These NFT’s can are only available in Catboy Mystery Boxes, purchased with Catboy Tokens. Each Mystery Box is a surprise box that when opened reveals the minted Card. There are 18 different Catboy character cards, with varying degrees of rarity. With each mint of the Mystery Box, Catboy’s smart contract creates a lottery that either burns the tokens used to buy the NFT or collects them into a pool to be used for staking rewards, giveaways, or
future spending. These Founder Edition NFT’s are eligible to be staked and will receive varying APRs based on their rarity levels and can be bought and sold on Catboy’s NFT marketplace. Each of these 18 different characters in the Catboy universe has an exciting and unique background along with differing rarities based on the border of the card.

Rarity rates:
50% Common (1 Star)
40% Uncommon (2 Star)
8.9% Rare (3 Star)
1% Epic (4 Star)
0.1% Legendary (5 Star)

6) What other revenue models do you have?

next to the price increase where your value can go up, we have the nft staking. Means people can buy our nfts and stake them for a specific apy with a multiplier. depending on the rarity rate you will get more or less catboy tokens as rewards.

7) 6% to marketing is huge. Can you walk us thru your marketing plans?

Our marketing strategy is pretty unique and special. We thought a lot of time about it and realized we need to change some steps on how to do some marketing. so every time we gonna use some influencer for marketing we gonna create a customized nft in catboy version of the influencer which can be displayed on the post or the advertisement. next to that, we want to attract people from china and Europe. why? Because we think aiming these two continents are the most important ones. Next to call channels we see ads on bigger crypto-related sites as a good opportunity.

8) Listing is another key factor. Where will you be listed next?

we gonna start on pancakeswap. depending on the volume and mcap we look for exchange listings. Surely we gonna apply for other listings like cmc and cg.

9) Will you have a metaverse or game in the near future?

on our website you can see that we have a close partner which can realize this. we have been in talk with them and we could actually realize this. At this moment before the launch, its nothing planned or organized yet. But def, something cool we may also can connect with the nfts

10) Share a “Catboy” inspiring quote for all of you please.

Do you hear all the time about NFT’s and dont know where to start? Have a look on CatBoy. Its familiar, easy to understand and full of quality