Asia Blockchain Community Interviews Dan, CEO of Dynamix Finance “The first token created with an evolving algorithm based on events”


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1) Hi Dan, can you tell us more about your background before starting Dynamix? If possible, please give a brief introduction too of your teammates.

We are 3 childhood friends, each with their own experience, expertise but above all passionate about our respective sectors. I started with cryptocurrency in 2019. I worked for a long time in finance and alternative investments.

Mike develop programs since he was 16, with a wide range of computer languages. With his dev team, we entered the crypto world last year.

Enzo is an expert in marketing for more than 10 years, He developed campaigns for Big companies around the world with a passion for the digital marketing and website SEO

2) Tell give us an overview of Dynamix Finance. What is your unique selling point? What is your special Defi/ smart contract sauce? :>

Dynamix is The first token created with an evolving algorithm based on events. Dynamic rewards increased from 2% to 8% according to the number of holders, sell fees decreases from 17% to 5% according to hold time, and also buyback and burn system.

3) What problems are you trying to solve?

Dynamix was initially conceived as an evolutionary step in the world of tokens. Our smart contract has entirely been elaborated by our dev team.

The most important tokens on the market have many advantages, great ideas, but, unfortunately, some limits.

For example, for a lot of tokens, the reward is static, but if you get more and more holders, the part of the reward will be very small.

For the buyback, you can do the same buyback for $1$ and $100000, you have adapted your buyback.

4) What kind of solutions have you come out with?

So, we came up with the idea to adapt our contract according to the problems encountered on a daily basis. Our token evolves in function of what is happening during the course of the day. It is programmed to optimize the distribution of rewards according to the holders or to adjust taxes according to the time held.

If the number of holders increases, the percentage of rewards will also increase The purpose is not to share an existing cake, but to increase the size of that cake.

We have also developed a dynamic tax system based on the “holding token”.
To be clear, the more you HOLD the less you pay.

We have set up a BUYBACK system, based on the number of TOKENs sold
The higher the number of tokens sold, the higher the BUYBACK will be. And of course, all these tokens are burned

5) What is your marketing roadmap in 1-2 months time?

After a long observation phase, we found that making announcements about a project can increase the value of a token, but without the right marketing behind it, there is absolutely no point.

The only way to explode a currency, or send it to the moon, is with regular powerful marketing.

We have big marketing plans on the way like:
– Billboards
– Influencer Marketing
– Press Release

And more surprises to come. I can only tell you

6) How do you think your technology can help?

We want to finally help the crypto world to be used by more people, simplify its use, support or develop projects to democratize the use of smart contracts in several sectors that do not yet realize the potential of the cryptocurrency.

7) I see that your plan is to start off on Pancakeswap. What are your listing plans after that?

Pancakeswap is a decentralized exchange that is similar to Ethereum’s Uniswap, but it runs on Binance Smart Chain instead. The focus must be on Pancakeswap, it is by far our first choice and the biggest DEX right now.

We want to list the token on other exchanges like WhiteBit or CoinBit and in the future Binance. Let’s see.

8) Do you think we are in a bull market? What do you think token companies should do in such market conditions?

I think we need to be much more ambitious in our projects. We must succeed in adapting our lifestyles to the world of crypto. Why not tomorrow, democratize the ways of crypto payment in FIAT directly with credit cards or crypto cards, banks will finally accept because there is a growing number of cryptocurrency holders every day.

9) Your presale is just around the corner. Do you have any insights to share with our community?

First, no one on the team will own tokens. We will buy some ourselves in presale. We put 45% on pre-sale and 32% on PanCakeSwap (minus 11% DxSale taxes). Tokens not sold in pre-sale will be burned.

This is the summary:

– PreSale on DxSale 45% Token
– PancakeSwap 32% Token
– First Burn 12% Token
– Acceptable currencies BNB
– Minimal transaction amount 0.01 BNB
– Maximum transaction amount 3.5 BNB

I think we are at the start of a major change in the world of banking transactions.
the world of crypto is revolutionizing the way that we have to think, see or buy.

And that’s the reason why the world of tokens is the future.

10) We would like to seek an inspiring statement from you. Please share yours to enlighten all of us.


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