Asia Blockchain Community Interviews DKYC “KYC is not for me. I want to be financially free.”


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1) Asia Blockchain Community wants meet innovative projects. Today, its DKYC aka ‘Don’t Know Your Customer’ is in the house. Can you tell us more about yourself and also DKYC.

Let’s start by discussing three alarming world problems DKYC was created to remedy:

a) Governments want to control cryptocurrencies. They want to centralize DeFi and roll out social credit systems.
b) There’s growing inequality of income and wealth globally. The divide between rich and poor is increasing. The middle class is being eliminated.
c) There’s an invasion of our privacy each time we transact and spend money. It’s hard to transact without having to reveal who you are, where you live, what you buy, when you buy it, and where your money came from.

Now, let’s discuss our solutions.

a) Protect DeFi at all costs. Allow the people to conduct their lives and make transactions freely, directly from DeFi to the real world.
b) Equalize access to money for everyone, with universal payment gateways (e.g., Visa® and Mastercard®) and liberated spending.
c) Protect the right to privacy for microtransactions. Defend, with honesty and courage, the assertion that anonymous spending is AML or criminal behaviour. Protect the innocence of everyday anonymous spending.

Let me make something crystal clear. DKYC isn’t some far-fetched promise of an ideal future we’d like to create. It isn’t a meme token or one that continually promises a working dApp. DKYC is already working, already changing finance, and already changing lives right now. We’ve already delivered all phase one milestones three months early. Over 5,000 holders are already in our ecosystem. Almost one thousand of them have already self-generated DKYC cards and anonymously used them in the real world for purchases like groceries, bills, health insurance, medicines, software as a service, gaming, entertainment, dinners, and more.

2) Can we know if your team is fully doxxed? And do you have a registered business entity?

DKYC was created by a team of financial freedom fighters who want to bridge DeFi to real-world spending. Unfortunately, this mission is generally contrary to the typical governmental vision. As such, the DKYC team must also remain anonymous to protect ourselves, our holders, and the token itself. As a side note, consider that Satoshi didn’t need to doxx himself to revolutionize finance.

3) What is your current tokenomics and how would be beneficial to the token holders?

Investors buy DKYC, hold, and receive reflections in stablecoin (BUSD). It’s that easy. The buy taxes are 9% (of which a healthy 6% goes directly to holders as BUSD), and sell taxes are 14% (of which a hefty 9% goes to holders).

It’s holder-centric and focused on putting as many BUSD into holder wallets as possible.

Investors can choose to spend their BUSD as they please or exchange it for DKYC cards (Visa® prepaid cards they can use at over 37 million retailers online).

4) Can you share with us your marketing campaign?

Our marketing is always targeted and with the highest ROI (return on investment). For example, we have:
1) built our own successful YouTube channel featuring our own original content, major events, livestreams and introductory learning sessions hosted by our Oracle (Taeris);
2) run advertising on major social media and search platforms;
3) been repeatedly promoted on many coin voting sites (notably Coinsniper promoted + banner and timed push notifications to top investors);
4) run visual billboards at Times Square in NYC;
5) obtained listings on CoinGecko and CoinMarketCap within a few days of launching;
6) achieved trending status on DEXTools multiple times with over 1 million dollars USD of 24hr volume;
7) advertised on Weibo multiple times;
8) engaged influencers who have become ambassadors;
9) been featured in several high-profile publications (e.g., Yahoo Finance, Business Insider, MarketWatch);
10) conducted multiple AMAs;
11) become Trust wallet verified;
12) run multiple high-yield Poocoin banners;
13) obtained complete verification on BSCScan, Poocoin and Bogged Chards;
14) given out over $20,000 worth of DKYC cards and Bonus BUSD. The marketing is ongoing and will always be that which delivers the most to our holders.

5) Where will your core revenue stream be coming from?

The marketing wallet collects BUSD (like all holders) and a small BNB reflection. This means we don’t need to sell DKYC from the marketing wallet to conduct all our operations. The BUSD and BNB reflections are enough to help us: 1) completely absorb card fees for smaller denominations ($20, $50, and $100) and subsidize fees for higher denominations ($200 and $500). Further, it allows us to run a variety of marketing campaigns, promotions and employ moderators.

People may not appreciate that there is a high price to pay for the privilege of anonymity when buying a prepaid Visa® or Mastercard®. The fees charged on top of the face values of these cards are significant. DKYC wants to minimize the barriers to entry by eliminating or reducing the card fees to encourage mass adoption and promote financial freedom. The core team is not concerned about personal profit, so owns no team wallets. They are only concerned about financial freedom for everyone.

6) What is your technology roadmap be like 3-5 years down the road from now?

Quite simply, we want to be the payment gateway of choice for millions of shoppers. We want to be the underdog option that consistently provides more value without the fees. Therefore, we want to eventually replace Visa®, Mastercard®, PayPal®, and other outdated and clunky systems. Technologically, this means that the DKYC card will be compatible with all existing payment infrastructure (e.g., contactless, physical) without upgrades, conversions, fees, hassle, or additional steps.

7) Do you have any plans to be listed in more places?

We are approached by exchanges to list with them every day. DKYC needs to be highly selective to ensure that our product, offerings, tokenomics, and mass benefits aren’t watered down for the sake of a listing. Many exchanges being heavily demanding of KYC (both from holders and the dev team) undermines the type of privacy DKYC strives to uphold. We are constantly negotiating for suitable arrangements on our terms.

8) Ph and Vn is big on prepaid cards. How about your plans to tackle the Asia markets?

We have already rolled out DKYC in China, the Philippines, Vietnam, Singapore, and other parts of Asia. Our cards already work with most retailers and online merchants within Asia. Hundreds of cards have been successfully used for GrabFood, Tmall, Aliexpress, Uber Eats, TaoBao, and the rest.

9) Now tell us, how can we get the Mastercard & VISA prepaid card!

Simply buy DKYC, hold it, and accumulate BUSD reflections. Then, when you accumulate enough (minimum is $20), you simply log into the dashboard and securely collect your card with a few clicks! Also worth noting, we have rolled out “Bonus BUSD” which can help holders achieve Visa® card goals sooner. These bonuses will be paid out to reward holder contributions, community engagement, promotion participation, and more. In addition, Bonus BUSD will form part of our exciting gamification of DKYC that includes NFTs and more.

10) Please share an inspiring quote for our community members.

One of our early holders:

DKYC gave me special feelings from the beginning. The developer greets us kindly every day and cares about the needs of the community. Whenever I hold a new investment, I usually don’t sleep. But since holding DKYC, I can rest assured knowing my investment is safe. The team has always been fast, positive, and efficient. You can see their efficiency from their completion of all phase one milestones 3 months early. I believe in the team and am willing to give my full support to them because they never say things that can’t be done. With DKYC’s future success, we can help more people.

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