Asia Blockchain Community Interviews Philip, Developer of LUCKYLOTTO “The token to change your luck!”


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1) Thanks for being here with us this evening. Can you give an introduction of yourself?

My name is Philip, I am the developer of $LUCKYLOTTO. I like to think of myself as a straightforward, driven type of guy. I like facts and do not rely much on words with nothing to back it up with.

2) Ok, tell us what is Lucky Lotto all about?

LUCKYLOTTO is a lottery token. It is pretty straightforward. 5 lucky people each week + 5 lucky people each month(will grow as the nr of holders grow). The lottery prizes consist of 2 wallets, each of them collecting 5% from every transaction. The prize is split equally to the 5 winners. Also, the token has auto $BNB rewards , coming from an extra tax from those who sell the token.

3) Kindly tell us more about your tokenomics and benefits.

15% buy
5% weekly lottery, 5% monthly lottery, 3% liquidity and 2% marketing

17% sell
Same as buy + extra tax for $BNB rewards

The benefits of holders, besides the $BNB rewards, is of course the lottery. 5% of ALL transactions. Won weekly + monthly. I believe everybody is aware of how much that can add up to.

4) Can you tell us what benefits a renounced contract has for your user base on $LUCKY?

We plan on renouncing ownership after we see everything works fine. This is just to bring assurance to our holders. We will not renounce it until we see that everything works perfectly though.

5) What is your marketing plan like from now till the end of the year?

At this phase, we are focused on getting big influencers on all platforms, like Twitter, Youtube, Telegram, etc to promote us, besides getting AMA in the big groups like ABC,

Talks are in an advanced stage with some renowned marketing Corps, we have some Influencers and other individuals, combined we’ll have an intensive marketing push immediately after launch that will cover Africa, China, Southeast Asia, Europe and America. We can’t go into specific details, we’ll allow the results to speak.

6) When looking for information on your token we ran across other lottery tokens out there, how will you differentiate yourselves from others?

Transparency, tokenomics and of course the final goal, which is a crypto casino. Luckylotto is only the beginning of a huge project that we have for our next phase.

7) Can you tell us more about your products? What is in the pipeline?

Our plans for the future include (but are not limited to): LUCKY Wallet, slots game, roulette game, cards game.

8) What is your crypto exchange listing plans look like?

We are going to apply for CMC/Coingecko and another major CEX as well, with which we are already in discussions. We will apply and will do our very best to get listed asap. But, unlike other project owners that do not care about any consequences, we cannot make any fake promises, so we will not provide any dates now.

9) Have you had any issues with your lottery token in implementing it in other countries due to lottery regulation?

No, and I m not expecting that to be a problem, since we are in the crypto world. However, we will do everything to be 100% legal, so there won’t be any problems .

10) Share an inspiring quote to ‘WOW’ all of us, please.

“Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity”

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