Asia Blockchain Community Meets CateFarm – the Dual Rewards CateCoin and CatPay Farming Token!


1) Good evening from Asia. Can you tell us about yourself and your teammates? What are their experiences and their role in the project?

Thank you for having us! We are so happy to be here.

All of the members of our team met through the CateCoin community. For those that don’t know, CateCoin is one of the biggest meme tokens and the cat-themed alternative to Dogecoin. But, unlike Dogecoin, CateCoin has a use case, including a very popular P2E game.

Our team members are all huge supporters of CateCoin and very active community members. We came together to create CateFarm and it has been an exhilarating experience so far! We have a very diverse set of skills, including IDO and blockchain development, web development, and marketing. We are well connected in the cryptocurrency world and have already established a strong level of support for our project!

2) What is CateFarm? Can you begin by telling us about your reward token and where the project was originally started?

CateFarm is a dual rewards based token that allows holders to passively generate high yield
reflections in both CateCoin and Catpay. Catpay is CateCoin’s dedicated payment token and the currency used in CateCoin’s P2E game.

Initially, the idea of CateFarm started as a way to support CateCoin and Catpay and to draw
more attention to those amazing projects. And it will certainly benefit both of the projects
because CateFarm’s rewards are purchased through market order purchases of CateCoin and Catpay and then distributed to CateFarm holders. But CateFarm will bring so much more to the table than being a simple rewards token. We see CateFarm as taking the role of creating a community gathering place for CateCoin supporters with plans of building a farm-themed metaverse called CateWorld!

3) CateFarm tokenomics: Can you go through what they are for both your buy and sell? What is special about your tokenomics?

Buy/Sell Tax – 13%
4% – Catecoin rewards
4% – Catpay rewards
3% – Liquidity
1% – Marketing and development
1% – Giveaways

A portion of all buy and sell orders of CateFarm will be used to purchase Catecoin and Catpay, which will, in turn, be automatically distributed to holders. The higher the volume of the buys and sells, the more rewards are generated. The Catecoin and Catpay charts will be positively influenced by all the Catecoin and Catpay purchase orders, which will occur whether CateFarm is bought or sold.

4) We would love to learn about CatPay as well and what it adds to your overall
ecosystem? Tell us more.

Catpay is CateCoin’s new payment token and is used as the currency in CateCoin’s NFT based Play-to-Earn game called Rise of Cats. Rise of Cats is hugely popular in the CateCoin
community and has been a great success so far. The CateCoin team is also developing a
Move-to-Earn dApp, as well as other dApps, and Catpay will also be the currency that is used in those initiatives. Catpay only recently launched and still has a relatively low market cap. There is the potential for massive gains in accumulating the token now before the token gains more mass adoption.

5) We see with CateFarm you have your own special NFTs. Can you tell us about the use case they have in them and the benefits to your holders?

Initially, we plan on creating farm-themed NFTs that will confer benefits to holders such as
increased reflections. Eventually, the NFTs will be incorporated into CateWorld and can be used to upgrade your NFT land or NFT characters.

6) Can you tell us about the staking that you will be able to do with CateFarm and what it will bring to the token holders?

Since reflection is a large part of Catefarm, staking the token itself is counter-productive
because it removes you from the pool. Future staking through NFT or gameplay is the direction the team is headed in that regard.

7) We do understand this AMA is about CateFarm, but how will CateCoin benefit the holders as well as what does their community bring to your project?

The CateCoin project will see a new influx of holders because anyone who holds CateFarm will automatically become a holder of CateCoin and Catpay by the automated rewards reflections.

CateCoin and Catpay will also get the added exposure of having their very first dedicated
farming tokens. CateCoin and Catpay will have an increased volume of purchase orders which could make a significant positive impact on their charts.

Since the team is made entirely of early and devoted CateCoin holders, we understand exactly what the CateCoin community can bring to our project. The CateArmy is one of the most active and dedicated communities in the entire crypto space. Having our friends in the CateCoin community support CateFarm would be an honour and is one of the keys to our success. In return, we promise to work hard, stay transparent, and never let them down.

8) I would assume Catecoin P2E game might potentially be integrated into CateFarm, can you give us an idea about the game and its benefits to holders?

Rise of Cats (ROC) is Catecoin’s P2E game which is very popular among the catecoin
community. CateFarm supports Rise of Cats by giving away Rise of Cats NFTs in our
giveaway promotions. We also plan to hold Rise of Cats tournaments in the future.

CateFarm will be having its own farm-themed metaverse game. We will release further details about our P2E game in the future.

9) Tell us about your marketing and listing plan please.

Since the early functioning use case for CateFarm is its high yield dual rewards mechanism, we will initially list on DEXs such as PancakeSwap so that we can maintain the rewards benefit for all holders. Eventually, as CateFarm grows and especially when CateWorld is developed, we plan to expand to CEXs.

We have confidence that our project will grow organically when rewards tokens start coming in and people can see firsthand the benefits of being a CateFarm holder. However, we also have a comprehensive marketing plan which includes ads on Dextools, promotional videos on youtube, and press releases. Our main focus is reaching the Catecoin community and its 170,000+ holders.

10) Share an inspiring quote for our community members. They would want to learn from you.

“Alone, we can do so little. Together, we can do so much”.

CateFarm believes in the power of the community. We are founded by the people, and for the people!