Asia Blockchain Community Meets Croge “Croge has the power to flip Dogecoin”


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1) Good day Croge. Thanks for coming by ABC. Can you give an introduction of yourself and your core team members?

Croge was founded by experienced cryptocurrency marketers who saw an opportunity to enter the Cronos chain last month. Croge is Cro+Doge 🐊 Doge was the first memecoin ever and now Croge is the biggest memecoin on the Cronos chain.

2) Tell us about Crogecoin, please.

We believe that Cronos is set to explode. Right now there are less than 200 dApp projects on the chain, and the volume is the same as bsc in January 2021. created and supports Cronos, and they are marketing very heavily. is the biggest sponsor of the UFC, F1 Racing, and the World Cup 2022. With the marketing, grant money to support, and more, we anticipate Cronos will be competitive with BSC in 2022. Right now it is about 7 times smaller. With all the added attention is bringing, Croge stands to gain the most of all the new attention.

3) Can you break down the tokenomics for us?

There is a 7% tax on buys and sells, 4% to marketing and 3% to liquidity. The token was stealth launched with $10,000 in liquidity. Its all-time high is 50m mc.

4) We are interested in Croge Bridge. How different are you with the rest of the bridges in the market?

The Bridge allows BSC users to buy Croge. It is not different than other token-specific bridges. Just like Floki and many other large meme coins have bridges for their token, this is for ours. So that Croge can be purchased from new directions.

5) Next, tell us more about your P2E game. What kind of game should we be expecting? How much can I roughly earn from it?

The game will be released within days. It is a time-wait-click-upgrade game, with the addictive feel of Farmville or other such games. To play, you must purchase the in-game character for about $30 in Croge. Then you can earn 2Cro (about $1) per day, per character. We’re excited to announce that our game requires players to buy in Croge, but it pays out in Cro, so that people are not incentivized to sell their winnings and hurt the chart.

6) How does your tech roadmap looks like? Do you all have the staking dApp ready?

The game and bridge are the primary tech we are developing at this point. MMF (the biggest dex on Cro) has a staking pool with us, in which you can stake MMF for Croge. It is on the front page of their website.

7) What kind of marketing strategy are you adopting in this market?

We focus on marketing to social media users that are NOT currently investing in cryptocurrencies. We think the most important foundation of a community is not token traders, but rather NEW users, who will help grow the Cronos chain and the cryptocurrency market as a whole.

8) Can we find out about your listing plans and connections?

We have a top 30 (by spot volume) exchange listing in the works, it is anticipated that it will be live early next week.

9) Do you all have any partnerships that you are currently working on? Celebrities? Charities?

We prefer not to reveal specific marketing until it happens, so as to not cause a “buy the rumour, sell the news” event. This team is experienced and certainly has the connections to make a celebrity endorsement happen.

10) Please leave us with an inspiring quote for all to remember by.

“Croge has the power to flip Dogecoin”


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