Asia Blockchain Community Meets Diversifi “One Token To Diversify you FANTOM Portfolio”

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Welcome to Asia Blockcast Community (ABC). ABC is a community that is based in Asia and run by volunteers. We know the market very well and is backed by a panel of blockchain & crypto experts and influencers. Our mission is to create value for projects & members & educate the general public about blockchain and crypto through the work in our community.

Today our guest on AMA is Diversifi!

1) Good evening from Asia. Welcome to Asia Blockchain Community. Can you tell us about the people who make up your team and their experience in the cryptocurrency market?

Our team consists out of  6 people you can find on our site. The core team consists out of 3 core devs: Liquid Future, Tamchy and Metasin

Additionally we have our 2 marketeers Dogus and Frans and our graphic artist Andra! We have all had various experience in the cryptocurrency market. Most of us have had projects that reached 3 – 10mil+ marketcaps. And are now looking to explorer a new chain called Fantom Network

2) What is Diversifi and FantomSquad NFTs all about?

Diversifi Crypto is a new project launching on the Fantom chain on January 14th that will be easily accessible from all chains! Diversifi allows you to buy one token $DFi and earn dividends in your choice of over 25 different Fantom projects. We’ve all seen Fantom blow up over the past month, this is the easiest way to gain exposure to those projects and learn the Fantom ecosystem. Both our token project and FantomSquad NFT project will give exposure to the Fantom chain.

$DFi also allows a system called “locking”. It’s similar to staking but much safer as the tokens never leave your wallet! Locking prevents you from selling during your locking period but multiplies your dividends in whatever project you choose (can change anytime). Longer locking periods gives you a bigger multiple!!

We’ll also have a targeted buy-back system in place at the launch

Also, hold the FantomSquad NFTs and earn free tokens!

3) You are on the Fantom blockchain can you tell us why you went in this particular direction and the benefit to your holders?

Using our dashboard allows our users to select which dividend they’d like to receive. This ultimately gives them the choice of which projects and what risk level they want to gain exposure to managing their portfolio. We have a diverse selection of low, mid, and high caps!

Fantom is prone to blow up and we believe it to be an early BSC. Gas fee’s are really low and they are working on new developments to even lower them

4) Can you tell us about your tokenomics on both buy and sell? What is special about your tokenomics?

We have a 10% transaction fee on buys and sells. 5% of these go back as dividends in whatever selected token a holder wants out of our list of 25. 4% goes back to marketing and operations and we continuously add 1% to the LP.

5) How does your marketing plan looks like for this quarter?

We’ll be fast-tracking both CMC and CG and working with a lot of influential people in the space. We’ve already partnered with a couple of the most influential people on fantom and now are working on completing some other major partnerships. In the form of collaborations with our partner communities, we’ll always be getting some natural exposure!

6) We heard your staking is different than a traditional kind, can you explain to our users how? On top of this, can you tell us other revenue models that you have installed for your community?

DiversiFi Locking System: The problem with traditional staking and vaults is the tokens are removed from your account and kept in a centralized location, making a high-value target for hackers to drain. With our system, the tokens remain in your account and custody. We remove your ability to sell or transfer DFi Tokens until the locking period you selected has elapsed, but you can still buy and add DFi tokens to your locked bag. While being locked in our “staking system” you will receive a bigger percentage of reflection tokens that you pick to receive. The longer you lock, the more you receive. The reflection tokens you receive while being locked are delivered as real-time volume happens (not delivered at the end of the locking term). The reflection tokens are fully tradable (but DFi reflections will be auto-locked, if you have locked your DFi token bag). This is truly Decentralized Staking… With this method, not even hackers can take your tokens (this has been informally tested and proven to work!)

We also have NFT buy-back royalties and other plans as well 🙂

7) What is your listing plan like?

We’ll initially launch our liquidity on Spookyswap (Fantom’s Pancakeswap). Our presale is live now and people can contribute in FTM, ETH, or BNB

8) You have very unique NFTs. What kind of partnership arrangements do you have with the creators?

FantomSquad NFTs are our line of NFTs made to directly benefit $DFi and get benefits from $DFi. They are a collection of 2600 hand drawn NFTs with incredible art, time, and energy going into them. A small amount of these NFTs also shares some branding with our token partners so their communities can get excited about the NFTs as well.
NFT Holders will earn DFI tokens and dividends just for holding the NFTs! It pays to be early buying the NFTs!

9) What are your plans in Asia for your project?

We’ll continue to provide exposure to the fantom network for Asian users. We’re working to create a large network of Asian users that see the true value in diversifying their portfolio!

10) Can you leave us with an inspiring quote? We love to hear your business thinkings and ideologies.

“Under-promise, but over-deliver”.

Our group will always make good on its deliverables and is always looking to continue expanding into additional value. We care about our community and want everyone to succeed!