Asia Blockchain Community Speaks with SpacePort “A revolutionary retro style arcade game where players can PLAY TO EARN.”


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1) Thanks for coming by. Can you tell us more about SpacePort?

SpacePort Coin is an inspired galagalike project where we want our holders to feel nostalgia from the classic era of arcade games. It is a play-2-earn game that enables you to reminisce and earn money doing it. In the game, you can earn more points by sustaining a combo (up to 20x), which can be achieved by successively destroying enemy ships within a short interval or by retrieving random power-ups that pop up on the screen. If your score reaches 500k, you will face the game boss, which is basically Elon Musk, who randomly shoots missiles and lasers. He’s paired up with a satellite that shoots beams as well so that’s an extra challenge.

2) What are your tokenomics like?

SpacePort is paired with a token called SpacePort Coin (or SPC). There is a total supply of 1 quadrillion tokens. We charge a tax on every SPC transaction (buying, selling, transferring wallets, and paying rewards via airdrop). This helps to increase the liquidity pool, increase the prize pool, benefit holders, and help the token grow sustainably. The current effective tax rate of SPC is 20%, of which 10% is allotted to liquidity and 10% is allotted to the prize pool.

3) Can you please share with us your marketing plan before and after launch?

We have already been launched for over 40 days. Most of our marketing has been organic through a referral system where players can earn a % of players that they refer to SpacePort. We have over 50 youtube videos, tweets from influencers, #1 AD on, 40,000$ dappradar marketing campaign, articles on, and so many things it’s hard to count at this point. This week we are focusing on China completely. We have begun an 85,000$ BTOK ad campaign which begins tomorrow.

4) What is SpacePort’s monetization model?

So far everything is funded through the taxes to buyers and sellers which creates an anti-whale environment. We are planning on adding AD revenue to our play site that receives over 100,000 players daily that play for an average of 3 hours per day. Another form of monetization which I have begun work on is “SpaceDrop”, an airdropping service that will be lower cost and faster than the competition. The reason for SpaceDrop is that I was airdropping 10,000 players at a time at a cost of approximately 8BNB per day. SpaceDrop will save us money in gas fees, and also allow others to airdrop their users in a more economical and quicker fashion.

5) Is there a limit to earning? Will holding more SPC increase my earning speed?

5% of your holdings is the limit, up to 100$ per day. This can be increased by holding our NFTs which have already been sold out but have a healthy secondary market on Some of our NFTs have already sold for 6x their minting price because of the utility they add. There are internal calculations that calculate earnings rates based on holdings of SPC and NFT holdings.

6) How will I receive my reward?

We just switched to an airdrop every 3 days of your rewards from playing. It was previously daily but because of airdrop costs, we decided to change to every 3 days to increase the sustainability of the play to earn model.

7) Is there a fee for SPC transactions?

SPC transactions are always bound to the current tax rate which is 20%, of which:

  • 10% to liquidity

  • 10% to the prize pool

Slippage when buying SPC at PancakeSwap is about 22-25%.

For example: If you swap 1BNB to SPC, you will only receive SPC worth 0.8BNB. When selling, transferring from one wallet to another or receiving daily rewards, you will also be charged this tax.

(Note: This tax rate will be adjusted as the game develops gradually to optimize operation)

8) Can you tell us more about your referral program?

Our players have unique referral links which they can access from the website. They just need to send their link to first time players. Once they connect their wallets to the game through the link, 20% of the earnings of their referrals will be given to them as a bonus. This bonus would not be deducted from the earnings of their referrals, it’s a reward that we give to our holders. They receive their referral earnings every Tuesday.

9) What other games will be you launching? And when?

We do not have plans to launch any other games, I believe my focus needs to be 100% on improving and making SpacePort a better game/token. It would be unfair to our investor’s/players to announce a new game this early into our mission. We are launching a 10,000 mint hand-drawn NFT line in approximately 2 months which will also have in-game utility, hopefully on the Solana network since so many people love NFTs on Solana. But in conclusion, my full focus deserves to be on SpacePort

10) Let us take some questions from our Facebook community. Here we go:

a) Do you have a charity element for your project?

Recently, we released the SpacePort Relief Program. As a community, we worked together to help our smallholders who have been affected by COVID-19 recently. We were privileged to donate money to fund COVID-19 Food Drive Philippines and Serany Foundation that gives relief to the people who are in dire need right now. We’ve seen families that have been helped with this donation. That just proves that SpacePort is more than just a play2earn game.

b) Will you venture to metaverse?

We will definitely entertain the idea.

c) Will you think of launching it on Okchain as well?

We have not discussed this yet.

d) Do you have intentions to doxxed yourself?

Absolutely not, I blacklist people’s wallets and you can only imagine they are not happy with me. I have received death threats for simply selling funds from the marketing wallet for ad campaigns. We have KYC’d to BTOK but will not publicly dox.

e) Which exchanges will you be listed?

Right now, SPCs can be purchased at PancakeSwap or ApeSwap.

f) Facebook marketing for crypto is neglected most of the time. Would your project be looking at fb?

We’re actually spending a significant amount of money on Facebook Marketing every week. We’ve put our trust in Facebook ads for our social media marketing. You can follow us at

g) What are your plans in Asia?

We are beginning BTOK and heavy marketing to the Chinese community beginning on Monday. We want to welcome the Chinese people to the SpacePort community. We are also looking forward to expanding our marketing to the neighbouring Asian countries. I’m thankful also to our Filipino holders for always supporting the project.

h) When will you distribute the rewards?

We will begin distributing airdrops on Monday again, 3 AM ET.

i) Are you confident to be the number one game on BSC?

Yes. We’re just starting. We’ve been bringing things to our holders that other games can’t offer. We are letting our players play an actual game where they will earn regularly without worrying about the token’s stability. We’re constantly improving the gameplay, and we always make it to a point to ask our community for feedback. The team’s priority is always the sustainability of the project and the concerns of the community.

11) Many of our members want to be inspired. They want to learn from projects’ success. Share an inspiring quote for our community.

Mostly that it is refreshing to have a legitimate project on the BSC, everyone thinks every Binance project is a scam and I feel SpacePort is doing a little bit to help take that idea away from BSC. I honestly love the network, low fees, awesome exchange, there can be great communities also.

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