“Ask me anything” Session with Robert Torres CEO of Aetherous “The first crypto that allows you to be a part of the mining process”


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1) Good evening. It is late in Asia but we are still excited to welcome Aetherius in our community. Please tell us about yourself and your core team members. Where are all of you based? What is their background?

My Name is Robert Torres CEO of Aetherous. I have been in the crypto and investing world for over 5 years. I have a PhD in Financial Management. Been a mentor for over 2 years now. I have been in the Crypto Mining Industry for over 2 years.

Co-Founder Ruben Rivera crypto mentor for over 2 years. Our Main Developer has worked on many successful projects. He is the best I have ever seen in the industry.

We are based in Texas and Colorado United States

2) What is Aetherius Token about?

Aetherius is the first Crypto that allows you to be a part of the mining process. Aetherius is a new crypto-mining project looking to give investors all the experience, infrastructure, energy and a steady flow of passive income necessary to start each investor as a miner. Only crypto backed by A crypto mining farm. The monthly profit from the mining is divided between token buybacks, adding liquidity, our holders, marketing and equipment. Aetherius doesn’t have to sell tokens to afford marketing.

3) Can you walk us through your tokenomics and structure?

38% presale, 18% LP, 18% Rewards, 4% team tokens locked for 6 months, 2% marketing locked for 6 months, 20% that will be burned in 15 different events.

Buy and sell tax is 9%. 3% reflection to our holders, 3% goes back to liquidity and 3% to marketing. Slippage 10.

4) How would users get a passive flow of income? How does your revenue model work?

What makes us different is that users can lock their tokens for 3, 6, or 12 months. Earning from 60%APY to 120%APY. We have already over 66% of the total supply locked by investors. This is huge. This helps us to not have big dips due to over 10 million USD being locked by our own investors. Our community have full trust in us. We are KYC and received a 91% security audit one of the highest in the industry.

The 3% for marketing and the constant income from our mining farm give us plenty of cash flow to work on anything

5) What kind of marketing activities should we be expecting?

We are working with the biggest in the industry in Twitter and Telegram. We are also doing AMA sessions in every single country. Coingecko ads, Coinmarketcap ads, and BSc scan ads. We also have the best crypto community that continually do organic growth

6) We are curious about your technology and product development. Can you tell us more in detail?

This month we are launching Aetherius Dapp. Users will be able to create lP of Aetherius/BNB and earn passive income paid on baby Aetherius. Also, they can stake baby Aetherius and earn BnB. This will provide more liquidity to help us keep growing and at the same time reward our users.

Also, this month we are launching our web3 page where users can buy mining rigs and equipment using Aetherius. This equipment stays in our facilities. We do everything and users earn 70% of the profit without doing anything. After 6 months they can take the equipment home if they like. For every transaction, we will burn 0.5% Aetherius helping the token to keep growing. This will help to prevent people from selling Aetherius since they can use it to create a great passive income.

7) I have looked at CMC and you have more than $1.2m of trades in 24 hours. Where are you planning next for your listing?

Right now we are working on getting listed on Hotbit, Bitmart and Kucoin

8) Do you have any plans to be multi-chain enabled?

Yes, we are working on doing multichain with Ethereum, Polygon and Avalanche right now. We just need to wait until the price stabilize so that we can launch on those chains.

9) Most projects are venturing into the metaverse, NFT and all. What is your roadmap for this?

We are working at the moment with different artists for our NFT collection. On top of that, we have already started working on our metaverse project. Users will be able to invest in different buildings. This building will be the first in the metaverse that will earn the investors a passive income. Investors can buy any percentage from the building and sell it later. However, these buildings will earn from 3k USD to 15k USD. We are working with Bloktopia and Sandbox.

10) Share an inspiring business quote that has kept you going throughout your journey.

Aetherius token is focused on creating different sources of passive income to help our investors reach financial freedom.

We got listed on Coinmarketcap and Coingecko in just 3 days without fast track. We reach 21 million market cap in 6 days.

Aetherous is for the community and in just 7 days we have changed so many lives. We will not rest and keep working hard to keep helping many families reach financial freedom.



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