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Blockcast.cc: Today we have Mcken Qin in our studio to tell us more about his project. Can you introduce yourself?

Mcken: Hi Melody, nice to meet you. I am currently the CEO of LinkArt and the Director of Singapore LAR Foundation.

Blockcast.cc: We heard from the media industry that you are “Zhang Yimou” in the Creative circle. Why is it so?

Mcken: Well, I am being hailed by the media as “Zhang Yimou” in the creative circle, and was included in the cultural industry entrepreneurship and creative talent pool of the Ministry of Culture in 2014. This is mostly because of my heavy involvement in the industry.

Blockcast.cc: Can you share some of the things you did and the different roles you had?

Mcken: That’s quite a list. I will share some of the things I have done so far. I am the Initiator of the Qianzhu Academy Art Online Education Platform, Co-founder of Art998 Collections, Art director of McCann Erickson andArt director of BBDO. My awards include the 30th Mobius Advertising Awards, the 2001 London International Advertisement Awards, the 2000 Hong Kong International Advertising Creation Awards, the 2002 China’s Top 10 Print Ads, China’s Outstanding Advertising Works IAI Yearbook Awards for Best Creative Composition Award, and China’s Outstanding Advertising Works IAI Yearbook Golden Award.

Blockcast.cc: This is indeed impressive. Can you tell us more about LinkArt?

Mcken: LinkArt is a decentralized platform for tracking and management of the whole life cycle of art works, and to endorse the unique value of each piece of art work with the non-tempering characteristics of blockchain. LinkArt combines 5G, AI and blockchain technology, presents the charm of art in many ways, attributes the value of art works with multiple dimensions, and opens up tech-supported imagination space for the realm of art. LinkArt creates cross-border, cross-cultural ecosystem, and provides a barrier-free communication and trading platform for all art creators, enthusiasts, collectors and investors.

Blockcast.cc: You are making very big moves  in the art industry using blockchain.

Mcken: Yes we are powered by the token economies, LinkArt improves the recognition and liquidity of art works, and stimulates the art works to feed back the artistic creation, thus promoting the prosperity and development of the whole art industry.

Blockcast.cc: Can you share with us a quote? Our blockchain users will be delighted to hear you out.


“We will bring out the most value from the art pieces using blockchain technology.”

Blockcast.cc: Thanks Mcken. We look forward to know more about LinkArt and it’s progresses soon.





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