Exclusive Interview: Shaun Witriol, CEO of Liberty Tokens Shares Insights ” Liberate your finances with innovative Defi.”


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1) Thanks for coming by Shuan. Can you kindly tell us more about yourself, your experience before and after crypto? 

My background in crypto started in 2013 when I was obtaining my graduate degree. I became a researcher and investor in Bitcoin for its innovation in accounting and finance. I then became a popular influencer and an early investor in Safemoon. I was then brought on as a Safemoon Scholar and was part of the team that was on their Mooncast shows on Discord. I’ve also helped launch one of the tokens from VaultDeFi as COO.

2) What is Liberty Tokens all about?

Liberty Tokens is about financial utility. Our goal is to give opportunities to people across the world by a lowered tax rate and dual rewards. We want everyone to have the capability to use the token rewards in their own fiat system through a conversion in the wallet and debit card in the future.

3) Can you tell us about your Tokenomics for this project? I have heard there is two separate taxes dependant on how you are using the ecosystem.

Sure! The most successful tokens on CoinMarketCap are taxed 10% or less. This encourages trading volume and reflections for the holders. We decided to lower it to 9%, and remove the automatic burn. This allows more rewards to the holders and a calculated amount burned each month(calculation determined based on trading volume). Now for trading between Liberty Token contracts, we have lowered the tax to 6%. This will encourage arbitrage, increase trading volume, and allow for holders to trade in and out at a low fee to encourage buys and sells.

4) You are doing a 45% burn after presale, can you tell the user base how this will benefit the token holders?

We decided to burn 45% at the start and remove the automatic burn from each trade. The reason for this is that if we commit to a high burn from the start then we can remove the automatic burn and give more back to the holders. We can also commit to a monthly burn based on trading volume. This rewards the holder directly and provides more resources to everyone.

5) You have decided to open on ETH network, can you explain why starting on this network?

Our first token is a wrapped ETH on the BSC network. All of our tokens will launch on this network. We are looking at some cross-chain options right now, but have not confirmed anything at this point.

6) What is your marketing plan like before and after your launch?

Our marketing plan includes a billboard campaign in the USA, holding AMAs, increased awareness on Twitter and Reddit, Press Releases (Already featured on Marketwatch and Benzinga. We are working towards Cointelegraph, Coindesk, and Yahoo), and potential marketing agencies.

7) What is your technology roadmap? Tell us in detail, please.

Our technology will include a wallet with a debit card, exchange, and utility as a financial resource in the future. We have other concepts in our plans, but nothing we can comfort right now.

8) Apart from the revenue generated from the tokenomics, where else should we expect more revenue?

There will be revenue from the wallet and debit card transactions, and there will be revenue from the trades on exchanges.

9) How are your listing and partnerships plans for 2022? We noticed you are starting your own exchange can you tell us about it?

Right now we are focused on generating awareness to build the community. We have spoken with two smaller exchanges to launch, and plan on working with more exchanges in the future. Our exchange will have full Tokenomics, allow staking, yield farming, and utilize the Liberty Token as the base for trading. We will have at least 5 tokens from our own ecosystem on this platform and our Liberty Token as well. This will allow the user to trade in and out of Liberty Tokens on one easy platform while accruing reflections.

10) Kindly share an inspiring quote to ‘wow’ us.

This token with dual rewards will be the first of its kind to offer a lower tax rate to trade within its ecosystem.

It will encourage arbitrage and increase trading volume on its own. It will also be the first to automate reflections for dual rewards. All dual reward tokens at this point have to trigger manually by a sell or transfer. Ours will be disbursed based on every trade so that not one person is hit with the gas fees for every transaction. There will be a wallet with debit card, dApp, Exchange, and more items in the future. We’ve built out our plan for 5 years, and we’ve only released the first year on our site. Our team is very excited to get this product to you.

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