Exclusive Interview with Batulzii Dashtseren, Chairman of Board at the Mongolian Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Association: “Start it, Win it”

Loading This week, we bring you an expert who is based in Mongolia. He is currently the Chairman of Board at the Mongolian Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Association. He is also the Co-founder of Cyan Solution and SanchirTech. Hi Batulzii, please tell us more about yourself-Your education and your tech journey.

Batulzii: Thanks Jenny for your time. My name is Batulzii Dashtseren. I Iearned my Masters in Electrical Engineering at Moscow University.

I established SanchirTech in 1992. We are one of the pioneers in the tech space in Mongolia, successful projects such as being the first to establish a credit card transaction system; Development of LoraWAN IoT full stack showcased in IOTEXPO Santa Clara.

Right now, we are working on “Smart School” tech via Cyan Solution LLC. This project piloting in Erin Everest International School. 

At Blockchain Association, we are preparing a course for entrepreneurs titled “Developing your own blockchain on Javascript”.  This course is for entrepreneurs who want to deep dive into net technology and is fee for all my members. Thanks for the introduction. How do you see Mongolia in terms of blockchain development? Is the country ready for the new technology?

Batulzii: Mongolia is open to the blockchain technology but the development is slow. The competition is also low. So whoever starts it, will most likely win. What about cryptocurrency in Mongolia?

Batulzii: The people around me are losing faith in cryptocurrency. The recent cases like Wall Street Bets, XRP VS SEC and the hacking of exchanges are having people mixed feelings. This may not be reflective to the while population. It seems like crypto trading may not be very vibrant. Am I right?

Batulzii: There are exchanges operating here, for example, There are not sufficient in terms of quantity & quality. You also cannot buy a coin instantly or at any good rate. People resorted buying them from international exchanges or on some DEXs. Before interviewing you, I have also spoken to our common friend, Anndy Lian on this topic. He has mentioned that Mongolia is also like Singapore and works through a sandbox model. Are there any new developments?

Batulzii: Anndy is right. I was also part of the committee and Sandbox that is regulated by the Financial Regulatory Commission of Mongolia. It was stopped due to legal regulatory changes and politics in the country. Recently, we see some loyalty programs, micro-lending and wallets developed, this could be a starting point to bridge crypto to the system. We will see. I understand that Cardano’s team visited Mongolia. What was done with them?

Batulzii: The Mongolian Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Association signed an MOU with them on blockchain developments in Mongolia. Cardano had organized a free Haskell course in Ulaanbaatar too. What other blockchain tech developments are you working on?

Batulzii: I am also developing LMS solution. It is like Moodle but it includes IoT solutions and block-cert. Smart bracelet that includes automatic attendance and temperature log to the platform.

Blockcert is a module that ports all certificate to the blockchain, similar to MIT blockcert. Cyan solution’s Smart includes Zoom and Gmeet addon module that tracks attendance log on the platform. We plan to further develop this under Cyan Solution with my partner Delgermaa Erkhembayar. Let’s do a series of quick questions. We want your fastest response for them. Let’s start. How do you see Bitcoin in the next 5 years?

Batulzii: Virtual gold. What is your view on Ethereum?

Batulzii: Gas is high but still the best for blockchain applications. What is the unique selling point for crypto in Mongolia?

Batulzii: Cold weather and cheap electricity makes Mongolia an awesome place for mining Thanks for the quick answers. Lastly, can you share with us an inspiring quote for our readers?


“Start it, Win it”

Start your blockchain journey early and you will see good opportunities for the future. Thank you Batulzii for your time. We are very open and ready to assist you in developing Mongolia crypto and blockchain community.

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