Exclusive Interview with Futurist Professor Young-Sook Park

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Loading Today, we are reporting from South Korea, Seoul and with us today is Professor Young-Sook Park, CEO of The UN Future Forum. Hi Prof Park, my name is Melody.

Park: Hi Melody, I am pleased to meet you personally in South Korea and at my event- Korea Future Forum (KFF) 2019. It has been our pleasure to meet you. I have read your books and introduction and understand that you have been a futurist and in our opinion, a bold and brave pioneer personally and professionally in changing Korean perceptions of how a Korean woman should think and act in Korean society. Can you tell us a bit about yourself?

Park: Let me start. I became the first Korean woman to be an Information Officer at the British Embassy and served for 20 years. I am a very active futurists myself and have forged long lasting friendships with a lot of world’s foremost futurists and delivered their findings to South Korean audience through publishing books and giving public lectures. Yes I did read that you lecture at the Yonsei University too. You do have a strong sense of giving back to the society and nurturing the young ones besides planning  for the future for all of us. What other appointments do you hold?

Park: Well, I have been the Chair of South Korean Node of The Millennium Project and the World Future Society in Korea since 2004. Currently I represent 18 different global futures research organizations from the world including WFS, MP, TechcastGlobal, etc. I guess you forgot to mention a few other things. One of which is the Brock Pierce Women in Blockchain Foundation initiative.

Park: Yes this is one of my latest project. As you can see on the stage today, Sophie from Hanbitco, Phu from Blockchain Pr and myself are driving this alongside with Brock from Bitcoin Foundation. We want to empower more women to understand blockchain and get into this industry. I want to join too Prof Park. I believe many women would like to join and play a part in the foundation too. Please keep us posted on the developments. will always be supportive in your initiatives, moreover our team is made up of mainly women and we are in the blockchain industry.

Park: Most delighted to have you in our foundation. And yes, I will also be launching a brand new book in June 2019 together with Mr Anndy Lian, Ceo of Linfinity and my fellow key fellow member at the Gyeongsangbuk-do Blockchain Special Committee, under the Gyeongsangbuk-do provincial government (Republic of Korea) and the Blockchain Adviser of the Asian Productivity Organization (APO). This will be a ~400 page book, sharing a future blockchain vision. The book is called 2030 Blockchain. Thanks for the everything. You have given so much to the blockchain society. Can we ask for an inspiring quote from you for our audiences?

Park: Sure why not.

“Blockchain is our future. Let’s play our part to let more people know. Be a futurist!” Thanks Prof Park. We look forward to seeing you soon.


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