Exclusive Interview with HiCoin: Lightning Fast & Super Easy Global Currency

"Wallet will be an entry level application in blockchain"

blockcast hicoin kris interview
blockcast hicoin kris interview

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Blockcast: Hi Kris, can you introduce yourself?

Kris: Hi, my name is Kris, the founder of Hicoin, former director of START innovation. Follow START from 0 to 1, and accumulated a wealth of client security and Internet product innovation planning experience.


Blockcast: Can you introduce your project? What does Hicoin do?

Kris:As an innovative company focused on blockchain finance, HiCoin is invested by multiple nodes, such as Node Capital, Star Capital and Genesis Capital. The company’s main body and team core are located in Singapore.

HiCoin team members have much exploring experience and profound accumulation in the field of blockchain finance and investment. In terms of technology, HiCoin has worked closely with ChainUP, a global blockchain technology provider, to empower the financial industry with blockchain technology. HiCoin is committed to using science and technology to promote inclusive finance, making financial transactions and investment more efficient, safe and convenient.

HiCoin is a multi-purpose, multi-scene and multi-modal blockchain wallet that supports dual wallets, full currency, DApp, etc. It realizes multi-chain one-stop asset management and creates blockchain entry level applications.


Blockcast: What are your views on the current crypto and blockchain market?

Kris: At present, the blockchain market is undergoing adjustments, that seem to me to be a bubble. Although the positive currency price fluctuated greatly, through the rapid growth of last year, a large number of talents and teams have been driven into the blockchain field. At present, blockchain technology has already taken shape in the traditional field, and has already showed brilliant results in the financial field. With the development of the entire blockchain industry, wallets will assume a heavier connector role. Where the blockchain is, there the wallet will be. The blockchain transformation in the traditional field will be circulated and exchanged through the appearance of the wallet in the blockchain.


Blockcast:  As a technical service company, what support and help can you give to the industry?

Kris: In the blockchain industry, technology is the cornerstone of the industry. We have dozens of public chain development experience in blockchain wallet technology, and work closely with ChainUP to implement an exchange-level security strategy at the wallet security level to protect each asset of the user.

At the same time, we also provide a total solution for the wallet: to help partners quickly build their own wallet. At present, it has supported nearly 20 main chains and all tokens, and has security control over the currency. At the same time, we also support dual wallets (centralized wallets and decentralized wallets) to meet the operational needs of our partners. For example: lock warehouse, wealth management, mining, airdrops, etc. In addition, we also opened the DApp docking mode, which can easily integrate third-party DApps and make the wallet game more abundant.

Professional matters are handed over to professional teams, which is the most efficient way to promote the rapid development of the blockchain industry.


Blockcast: Can you provide a quote or what you believe in for the readers? Eg I believe in blockchain, it can change the world.

Kris: What the blockchain brings is more than just a new industry, but also a new vision that will be a new social revolution. And the wallets will be an entry level application.

Blockcast: Thank you Kris!

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