Exclusive Interview with Mr Park Bong-Kyu, Chairman of World Blockchain Summit MARVELS

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Loading Today we have Mr Park Bong-Kyu, the Chairman of World Blockchain Summit MARVELS and Korea CEO Summit with us.

Hi Mr Park, thank you for your time and nice meeting you. We have to thank you for appointing as the official media partner and promotion company for the World eSports & Blockchain Summit MARVELS in Singapore.

Park: Thank you instead for interviewing me.  I have seen many good articles at and you have covered quite a number of Korean driven events and projects. Can you tell us why do you want to organise this event: World eSports & Blockchain Summit MARVELS?

Park: Currently, decentralization is the issue not only in financial system but also in the various fields of the 4th Industrial Revolution. As you already know Blockchain technology is the key for making world to supranational. Therefore, we invited Ban Ki-Moon who is the 8th Secretary- General of the United Nation. This will be the first time in the history of Blockchain summit. Yes this is indeed history in the making: Blockchain and Mr Ban Ki-Moon in Singapore. What are the elements and themes for the conference?

Park: The conference has various elements and themes. There are project presentations, private discussion, round table and VIP networking too where you are able to meet government and business leaders such as Ban Ki-Moon- The 8th Secretary General of the United Nation and Chairman of Boao Forum, Kim Du-Kwan- Member of the National Assembly and former South Gyeongsang Governor, Kim Hyeong-Joo, Chairman of the Korea Blockchain Industry Promotion Association, Kwon Byung-Ha- Chairman of Henikwon group, Anndy Lian- CEO of LINFINITY and Blockchain Adviser of Asian Productivity Organization (APO), Alina- COO of Huobi EOS exchange, Evan Klassen- Author
Enterpreneur Who else will we see at the conference?

Park: You will meet attendances from ventures capital, institutional investors, experts for blockchain and cryptocurrency communities.

Before I forget, you will also see art collectors and lovers too at the Global Art Fair 2019 that is held concurrent with the MARVELS. What is your roadmap for the World Blockchain MARVELS?

Park: We have extensive plans ahead. This is our roadmap: South Korea, Singapore, London, Hong Kong, China, Japan, Vietnam, Russia, Dubai, Malta, USA and India. Just our of curiousity, why call it “MARVELS”? Is that something to do with Avengers- EndGame, featuring Chris Evans- Captain America, Robert Downey Jr.-Ironman and Mark Ruffalo- Hulk 🙂

Park: Haha. Well, ‘MARVELS’ means marvelous; marvelous events, marvelous people, and marvelous outcomes.

Therefore, I named it as ‘MARVELS’- a global blockchain community leading marvelous outcomes through marvelous process. Please share with our readers an inspiring quote.


Let’s blockchain and be marvelous! Thank you so much. I will see you in Singapore at the World eSports & Blockchain Summit MARVELS 2019, 16-17th July 2019, Marina Bay Sands Convention Center.

Park: I look forward seeing you at the conference Joann.

To find out more about the event, please visit

World eSports & Blockchain Summit MARVELS Conference on 16th July 2019.

Global Art Fair (VIP Preview) on 17th July 2019.