Exclusive Interview with Nick Melilli, CEO, Cockapoo Token “Disrupting the Dog Poop Industry”


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1) Meme coins are still in demand, especially for the new crypto-ians. Memes are cute. Today, Cockapoo will tell their story. Please, tell us more about yourself and also briefly introduce us to your core members.

Hello, I am Nick Melilli and I am the CEO at Cockapoo Token. I am a business management major and I graduated from Florida State University in May 2020. I have experience from Northwestern Mutual and started my first internet company in 2019 which is now running autonomously. In May of 2021, Co-Founder & COO Zack Mellin and I quit our jobs and Founded Cockapoo Token with the mission to prove legitimate projects can exist and flourish in the meme coin industry.

Our core team includes:
Co-founder & CEO: Nick Melilli
Co-founder & COO: Zack Mellin
Investor Relations: Joey Bruck
Head of Partnerships: Casey Collins
Head of Business Development: Matt Gagliardi
Head of Cultural Affairs: Cole MacMillan
Head of Marketing: Drew Greene
Shill Sergeant: Alex Rocha

2) What is Cockapoo?

Cockapoo is a new cryptocurrency and tech company disrupting the dog poop industry. We are a utility-driven project currently developing a mobile application that will directly utilize the $CPOO token. Cockapoo was designed to be both a crypto and tech company so that the share price of our token does not affect our company’s longevity. We designed Cockapoo to be a successful player in both the crypto and pet industry so that we may promote long term investments in the project. Our mission is to prove that with our real-world utility, we can reflect a strong and steady increase in share price.

3) Disrupting the dog poop industry. This is a big statement. How will you do it?

Cockapoo is building a mobile application that will not only allow users to send P2P payments for dog waste removal but also crowdfund for dog park cleanups and equipment upgrades. We plan to create a new ecosystem and community centred around dog poop, dog poop awareness, and dog-related services. One of our missions is to pay our pooper scoopers more than both Uber and DoorDash employees. Once our mobile application is fully launched, we aim to increase dog waste disposal by 1%, which would eliminate over 40,000 tons of poop from the environment each year in America alone.

4) We have met many community-driven projects. Many of them are bounded by price. Some are connected by a common goal. How different is yours from the rest?

Everyone at Cockapoo understands that the utility of the token is more important than the price of $CPOO on any given day. Just like every other, publicly traded company price will fluctuate up and down but the backbone of our project will be pushing forward through our mobile app and the pet-related services. Everyone at Cockapoo shares one consensus: we are tired of undisposed dog poop and its environmental impacts. Everyone in the community has the chance to participate and voice opinions on major decisions. We will always involve our community to make the app better and fit everyone’s needs.

5) What is your tokenomics and how does it work in today’s context?

Our tokenomics include an 8% transaction fee. This fee breaks down to; 2% static rewards to our holders, 3% LP allocation, 2% Operations & Development Fund and a 1% burn. The Operations & Development Fund is used for both marketing as well as mobile app stimulus. This stimulus will further incentivize waste disposal from our scoopers and increase the utilization of the $CPOO token on the app. We currently do LP locks on a regular basis and have scheduled burns on the last day of each month.

6) Tell us more about your mobile application. Are you allowing users to send P2P $CPOO only or they can send other coins and fiat too?

The purpose is to be able to send P2P payments with $CPOO and crowdfund with $CPOO. We realize that making $CPOO the only available currency on the app will cause initial entry barriers, which is why we plan to slowly transition to a $CPOO dominant platform as app utilization progresses. We will incentivize users to use the $CPOO token rather than other currencies through decreased transaction fees and promotions. Later updates of the app will include the $CPOO card & wallet. Users will be able to earn cash back on their spending and interest on coins held in the wallet.

7) Your roadmap is very clear for the marketing function. What is your roadmap for revenue?

We plan for our revenues to drastically increase as P2P payments increase on our mobile application. Cockapoo will take a percentage of every payment just like Uber and Lyft. We will have multiple services that users will be able to send payments for including waste removal, dog walking, and dog sitting. Our NFT platform will be another source of revenue where users will be able to buy/sell/trade custom Cockapoo NFTs using the $CPOO token. We will soon feature specialized pet products on the online store such as disposable waste tools and anti-bacterial doggie bags. As our mobile application, NFT platform, online store, and overall project develops; we confidently forecast millions of dollars in daily revenue.

8) Will you be looking at listing on CEX in the long run?

Yes, we are looking to work with various exchanges, including CEX, when appropriate for our project. As our core value is rooted in volumes from our mobile application, the need for our project to be listed on exchanges is less than of our competitors. At the moment we do not want to spend hundreds of thousands of company dollars on exchange listings. We will wait until the mobile app releases, transactions start to increase, and get listed organically.

9) The crypto industry moves very fast. The bad, cold winter could be around the corner. How do you ensure users that you can survive it?

As previously mentioned, our project is both a cryptocurrency and tech company. We ensure users can survive because we share the common understanding that although the price may fluctuate it will not affect the backbone of our company and its driving factors. While the crypto market has proven to be a volatile and sometimes hostile marketplace, these market conditions have no effect on the solutions and tools provided by our mobile application. We are lucky to have tangible, underlying value in our project that has no correlation to the crypto market. With this in mind, our holders can be at ease knowing that even though market volatility, our project will still generate revenue through our mobile app and create long term driving success for Cockapoo.

10) To end off this segment, can you give us an inspiring quote?

It’s a crappy job but someone’s got to do it